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As fully on-premises solution, #Nextcloud Hub provides the benefits of online collaboration: Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive an email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks & find out more in this video!

that's right... i organised the gender reveal party today. and unless my demands are met, i shall be revealing more genders

I beat Slay the Spire with the defect!! Now I have to beat it with the Ironclad and the Silent and I'll have totally finished

Never trust anyone who refers to women as "females"

There was a post, sometime back, that touted the idea of high fantasy, but using American dialects instead.

Elves with New York Accents.
Orcs speaking with a Minnesotan style.
Southern gnomes
Nebraska Tieflings
Dwarves from California

who be disturbin' the flying dutchman in his own lair?

New episode of FOSS and Crafts where we have on @zacchiro to talk about how Software Heritage is an archival institution for software source code, and why we should take source code seriously as a cultural artifact:

I'm really thrilled with the conversation in this episode (and what a good fit it is for F&C), and to have such a wonderful first guest for the show! :)

"We're not going to have arguments about whether to use Windows or macOS, because you're all going to be using Linux" -- my DevOps prof just now πŸ˜†

I usually don't like Cardi B's music, but I laugh every time in WAP when she says "I don't cook, I don't clean, but lemme tell you how I got this ring" :bloblewd: πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

humblebrag, portentious feelings 

I am trying not to feel confident about the way my online class is set up (because I don't want hubris to be my downfall!!) but it's hard because I am actually really proud of it

I highkey love Cobra Kai on Netflix right now. I never thought a TV continuation of the fucking Karate Kid would be so good but I'm seriously crying every episode

Anyone in the Fediverse interested in a hands-on #A11y dev/manager position?


A few years ago I wrote a small command line utility called dedoop which walks a directory of files and de-duplicates them, while writing them to another directory.

I'm thinking of adapting it significantly to be able to write to cloud storage (s3, google cloud , etc) while preserving some metadata (original file name, media type, modified time) as object metadata.

If this sort of thing interests you and you have thoughts please let me know:

If you like rap, like FIRE BARS, highly recommend:

My top 5 in order:
* Kez (he just dropped a new album under the name Dedboii Kez)
* Token Black
* Anonymuz
* VI Seconds

Hey, coding pals! Ilya writes:

Want to play a key role in a growing ecosystem of cutting-edge open source web archiving tools, and make web archiving easier and more accessible to all?

Webrecorder is now hiring a generalist developer on a contract basis:

Apply by September 15th!

@platypus 1. it is the shark grave in my local cemetery. this guy loved the movie Jaws so much he commissioned a headstone that replicated the movie poster.

2. looking for a person the appreciates committing copyright infringement as one's dying act lol

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