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MLIS debate on birbsite 

there are PLENTY of things I want to change about higher edu in the US (the gatekeeping, -isms, + cost) and the MLIS (i adjuncted for 1 year at my alma mater and the curriculum for a database class hadn't changed in TEN YEARS!!), but if you say you want to abolish it on the basis of equity without acknowledging the above, you're just making the way for more white people in libraries (there are already too many!)

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MLIS debate on birbsite 


yet ANOTHER twitter debate about the worth of the MLIS degree for librarianship without acknowledging that people get hired into these positions without MLIS's all the time (at least in academic librarianship, where the OP is situated), and they are MOSTLY white people (and I would say, at least at MPOW, mostly white men with PhDs in other fields)

just because you had a bad experience at library school != the degree is worthless, FFS

folx, who among you has a LIGHT plasma desktop theme that you really like that doesn't try to look like windows or macOS?

wrt proctoring/cheat-detection software: if you don't trust your students, then you don't trust your own teaching

I have a midterm tonight in Programming Languages. wish me luck and good DDG-ing (it's open note, open book, open internet, but for some reason, I have to be timed and on video for the full thing πŸ™„ )

Matthew Green, generally a fairly big supporter of Signal historically, has written an article about his concerns about Signal's "Secure Value Recovery" blog.cryptographyengineering.c

TIL that marijuana cannot be screened for in NYC employment drug screenings unless working with large machinery/safety stuff :thinkgoing:

I wrote a thing on my (mostly tired) feelings about #InternationalNonbinaryDay (and other queer days of visibility). I'd love for a lot of people to read it.

I'm trying to make a case that G Suite (NOT a standard google account) is not as safe as for Email, Calendar and Docs.

Anyone have anything to support this? Literally everything I'm finding is specific to standard Google accounts and the reply being thrown back at me is "G Suite is different"

hey y'all! I am recording a panel with some cool folks, which was supposed to live but now isn't. I still want to get some "audience" questions thought, and that audience is YOU, FEDI!

send me questions you'd like people involved in software preservation to answer. can be legal, social, or technical questions. can ask about research, teaching/learning, student perspectives, archival work, software dev work.

lots of range on this panel so hit me with your Qs!

Today is the last day to submit a presentation to #SummerSchool

Are you a teacher, writer, researcher, academic, or do you have some other expertise that you would like to share?

There's no formal credentials required, and it's open to anyone on the Fedi, not just

This is a great way to keep up your teaching skills and get a little feedback in a low-pressure presentation environment

And you can't beat the price (it's $0 to attend/present/anything)

wow. librarians really want to murder billionaires within the context of resolving an existing violent class conflict. I love it.


here's what I've synthesized, realizing that for my particular use case I'd need 4 categories (not the typical 3 for apprenticeship models):

+ apprentice
+ journeyperson
+ mentor
+ Expert (though I wish I could use guildperson -- no guild yet :thinking_very_hard: )

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don't tell academic elitists but I think it's a moral responsibility for students to steal, pirate, photocopy, and distribute textbooks and learning material in any way they can

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