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Stop Trying to Shame Socialists Into Voting for Joe Biden. It’s Not Going to Work. - Is This How Librarians are Restoring Marginalia?

Plasma 5.19 beta is now out. It comes with improvements to Plasma's consistency and usability as well as to Plasma's inbuilt tools.

Please note this is a beta version of the upcoming Plasma 5.19 desktop. It is best used for testing purposes only.

Nothing like being CC'ed on an email chain late in the game and having to scroll down to the middle of deeply nested quoted replies so I can start reading it backwards to catch up.

Gmail, we warned you about these horrors when you made top-posting the default, but you never listened.

I just gave a talk at about -- my Sloan funded project looking at archiving source code + its contextual ephemera (e.g. issue threads). The talk slides are here for any interested parties:

"Everything is happening too much," he said.

Narrator: Unfortunately, everything was about to happen *even more*

you, regarding The Hobbit: This is a book for children

Me, a Master of Science: This is a book intended to be read to children

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ALL MY FINALS ARE NOW DONE and honestly I'm in shock I made it

I honestly wish I could hire a ghost writer for my academic publications because I have the ideas + citations, I just suck at the "sitting down and writing a full thing" part.

I get frustrated that we as librarians hear all the time that we need to "get out of our bubble" and then folks outside LIS are never told "hey maybe you should look at LIS scholarship about <LIS topic they are writing about without a single LIS citation>"

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sick of librarians having to fight for their dues in larger interdisciplinary spaces

UPDATE UPDATE: I ended up getting like a 74/100 which isn't as good as I thought BUT IT MEANS I PASSED! Cs get degrees!

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Lazy Fediverse: women-authored translated-to-English Japanese recommendations?

I have SO MUCH SPARE YARN: does anyone want some? good time to take up knitting

idle thought this morning: has Stephanie Meyers ever given money to the Quileute, the tribe she uses heavily in her series?

Is there any GLAM professional organization that isn't totally fucking shitty? Like....

plants are fully so weird. they will freeze completely solid in cold weather, then when they thaw be like “ok i’ll just continue living and growing and whatnot”

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Does anybody here ave experience with image analysis? I'm going to be analyzing multiple images captured in the field over a long time span and I honestly am at a loss of where to start.

UPDATE: I feel good about it! Somewhere between 80-89/100 probably!

Enjoy this pic of LB resenting being kept out of my exam room (the bedroom) taken by my partner @remram44

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