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Everything sucks and I STILL have homework due Wednesday

Suicide mention / JSTOR 

FIRST BLOG POST OF 2020 :blobcoffee:

in which Sarah Nguyen describes how Continuous Integration can be used for quality assurance in research workflows :crt_w_green_lines:

Check it out:

switched my Zoom date format to ISO-8601 and you should too

according to my switch I've played:

* 250+ hours of Necrodancer
* 220+ hours of Stardew Valley
* 130+ hours of Slay the Spire

I don't mean to brag, but I'm in self-quarantine yet still applying deodorant every morning

For those that aren't aware, I run, a open-source, cross-platform software library for accessing and controlling computer-connected sex toys.

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Quick reminder to put a CW on your toots about recent developments. Some folk are already anxious, your latest update isn't helping them.

Finalllyyyyyy got my custom templates onto my reMarkable and now it's everything I want it to be

GitHub and npm... two companies that betrayed their workers merging. Makes sense to me.

noticing an uptick in free software patches I'm receiving, as typically happens around thanksgiving and christmas

anyone else

friends who bullet journal, what are your favourite templates/layouts to use for a mix of producivility + diary-keeping?

🎥Livestream tomorrow for LibrePlanet conference! "Digital painting demo with #Krita on GNU/Linux: Cute creature concept-art". Watch it live! Room/Hour/Information, here:

somebody has suggested that online teaching gives me an excuse to use the Waluigi soundboard and it is hard to argue against

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