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HELLvetica. Like helvetica, but with like, much shittier kerning for Halloween.

today's to-do list, halfway done!!!!!!! 

today's to-do list 

Do I need to use this microphone? 

The "What the Fuck Do You Want" Public License is very much a mood I have about releasing code...

I did my best. It's gonna have risks. Please use it or whatever.

For #OAWeek, we dive into the fight between academic publisher, Elsevier, and the researchers who are calling foul over their resistance to open access.

I feel like I am walking to my doom going into my midterm tonight

my fundamentals of algos midterm today. send me strength please

turning into slime molds at a full moon cuz I'm a lychenthrope

you all probably follow me on :birdsite: but thought I better post it here anyway


Join @hugh and me at #LCA2020 on 14 January for the Generous and Open GLAM (#GOGLAM) mini conference!

Info and Proposals here:…

Unsure? Confused? Got an idea? Talk to us!

My best friend is now married and I only cried only for 95% of it 😅

nycpol, transportation, activism, query 

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