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I am so sick of all these milquetoast scholarly communication "pundits" thinking they are engaging so critically but in reality they are regurgitating the same ole anti-open access myths, lies, & fear mongering.

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me: This user interface is easy to use, intuitive and will survive the test of time.

my users:

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also, an unpopular opinion in certain proprietary circles: publication != preservation. that is, casting everything in cement doesn't necessarily help you anyway. so be amenable and empathetic. particularly about name changes.

ORCIDs (ID indirection) definitely help handle this at a metadata/discovery level. yet non-normative changes to PDFs should be very reasonable. As a person working in the long-term preservation world: preservation doesn't require/imply immutability! [🐦 πŸ”— ]

#Developers friends! I need help publishing #opensource #software on #macOS. How do I get around #Apple's GateKeeper? Do I need to buy an iPhone then pay $100/year for a Developer ID? #floss

Thanks so much friends for the long list of replies of desktop environments!

I'm looking at MATE and XFCE -- thanks again everyone and sorry I didn't go through and reply, there were a LOT of replies!

friends, what are your fave desktop environments? I'm looking to switch.

I don't particularly like KDE and really have grown to hate GNOME. Unity was OK I guess.

part of the reason I'm always on about open source and intellectual property rights is because I *want* people to build off my ideas/tools and use them as launching pads for their own original thoughts. so truly, I'm thrilled when people "copy" me. it means I've inspired someone! and that's all the impact I can hope for :)

I wish librarians could find that professional space between "self-loathing" and "vocational awe"

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Today I got to judge a very cool competition at NYU's engineering school called 'hack dibner' where students pitch projects to fix problems in the library


I loved it!

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