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The American kestrel:
Is it just a grey fox in disguise as a bird? :grey_fox:​

folks -- are there any existing classifiers for text interview data?

Looking to do this in python.

📝 Taguette 0.4 is out 📝

* Export all highlights associated with a tag, or all highlights in general as PDF, DOCX, HTML
* Export tagged documents as PDF, DOCX, HTML

Update your installation:

Step aside circleci/bond (testing library with spying functionality), I have a new favorite github project name:

Me: I'd like to trust this self signed certificate.

Firefox: No, that's insecure, user.

Me: I'm aware. I'm a big girl. Add the exception.

Firefox: No, please contact your administrator.

Me: Listen here you little #$@! I *am* the administrator. Add. The. Exception.

Firefox: I'm afraid I can't do that Val…

Me: *opens about:config*

Send your cutest animal pics please (no spiders)

if libraries and public transit can do so much good even starved as they are of funding by the ruling class imagine how much more powerful and good they could be

I may or may not have ordered a custom mini for my DnD character, Lilloth :bloblamp:

god i wish i could emoji react irl

yes i realize thats what facial expressions are for, but my face can't make a slime heart

Sometimes these bros so obviously think I'm a "nasty woman" which just makes me want to be more aggressive in meetings... :blobhyperthink:

Fun fact: the earliest museum curator we know about was a woman, Princess Ennigaldi of Ur, whose museum catalogued artifacts from earlier Babylonian and surrounding cultures. Her father, King Nabonidus, was the first known archaeologist.

Ennigaldi, who lived in the mid-6th century BCE, meticulously labeled each item in her museum - in three languages! - and took great care to preserve them; some of her collection dated back at least 1500 years.

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. - Eleanor Brownn

#Signal is gonna start encrypting message senders, so they'll be unable to know where a message comes from—only who it's going to (so they can deliver it).

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