I crashed the APC panel late -- it's about how to flip OA (in practice and discourse) away from APCs (bc fuck that!) -- cnifall2019membershipmeeting.s

As usual Amy Buckland is 😍 and the whole panel is so phenom. Great discussion happening -- one of the panelists is getting "support open" on ALL NEW LIBRARIANS JOB ADS!!! and give all library workers time in their day to learn more about open (in a lot of forms) and support it

Wish I could put that forward at NYU

now I'm in a talk about the CuRe consortium, which includes the Odum Institute, CISER at Cornell, and ISPS about their "computational reproducibility" service and checklist -- sched.co/Xk4r

basically they want to train up people to support curation skills for reproducible research, though I haven't seen any community calls or outreach from them besides conf presentations. Hoping they do some of this in the next grant they have now!

Then I went to an update from Ilya Kremer about Webrecoder -- sched.co/Xk3V

Ilya demo'd webrecorder capturing a website using Flash by showing a capture of homestar runner! And he showed "Autopilot" -- a function on top of webrecorder to automatically capture things like all the slides in slideshare, or all the replies in a twitter thread

after THAT I saw some updates from the Data Curation Network - sched.co/Xk31

they have curated 70 datasets this year across the network of 10 partners! I am really enamored with their approach -- it encourages locally building community and community throughout the network

after the plenary I went to the session called "watchful eyes on digital preservation action" which was a series of project updates -- sched.co/Xk4K

most interestingly for me was around the software preservation network

His list of "trends" was quite long and varied and I guess those 3 were the ones stuck in my mind

one thing I didn't mind is that he said libraries will have to move into the textbook space because of how publishers are taking advantage of the students at our unis, which i definitely agree with

w.r.t. Cliff Lynch's plenary, I found it to be a lot of ... weird stuff

he posited that decentralization isn't gaining traction yet bemoaned the rise of "scientific nationalism" (which many are not convinced is a thing) which relies on decentralizing to country-level

he also posited that the Internet started as a non-State (capital s!) driven enterprise and it's being more taken over by gov'ts....ignoring a lot of the history of the Internet

Librarians & higher ed friends, should I toot about this CNI meeting?

French is funny because in a word there can be like an l, a t, an e and a u and they'll all be silent.

@platypus I.....................love both of these scenarios (the one you thought & the real one)

Final exam: 18/12
Flight to France for holidays with Remi's family: 19/12

Chances of me getting wasted on that flight: 200/100

A number of folks asked for the slides & materials from the wikidata workshop I did with our cataloging department.

It outlines how I designed the exercise & includes zip file with slides/speaker notes, a worksheet, and two documentation pdfs I created.

Who has watched the new Fruits Basket? I love the 2001 so much I'm hesitant

#SaveDotOrg per JohnLaprise on Twitter:

Special meeting on .org today Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG) call is devoted to the .org sale. The call is open to all. Here's your chance...

Tuesday 03 December 2019 at 20:00 UTC

At-Large Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG)

Zoom Link: icann.zoom.us/j/765717566

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