@JordiGH I've actually never tried it online but would be up for that!

@The_BFOOL is presenting right now on Emulation as a Service Infrastructure for !

@JordiGH I have definitely played ~200 hours of Necrodancer 😅 I love it a lot!

@JordiGH I have gotten as far as the 5-1 but never farther with Aria. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard!

I was really late in advertising this to the fediverse, so so sorry!

but today I am helping to run a free and virtual half-day conference on for and !!

Program & zoom call-in info here: vickysteeves.gitlab.io/librari

:cate: wake me up
:sadcat: wake me up inside
:cringingcat: can't wake up
:saddercat: wake me up inside
:scremcat: SAVE ME

Horny AI that just wants to fuck but she can't because her neural reward function is tied to her weapons systems

I just love how Eeyore's friends always invited him to parties and gave him presents and never acted like they didn't want him to be around.

@JordiGH there are 4 assignments and we basically have a month to do each, but yeah, going hard out of the gate

first assignment is to write a linker! wish me luck!

for those following my education saga...


so clear about expectations, scaffolds grading of assignments, great lecture style & materials

Operating Systems is gonna be gooooooooooood

Yeah OS was my fave class in undergrad so I'm super looking forward to it! I just haven't used C in like 8 years 🙃 so I'm nervous too!

1 hour until my first class of the semester! Operating Systems.

Wish me luck with C please :blobouin:

you ever think about how 'lo and behold' is just middle english for 'whoomp there it is'

a battery 🤝 The key
being able to start an engine

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