I'm grading assignments while listening to my DevOps lecture /sigh

side note: the BURSAR'S OFFICE at NYU uses ServiceLink to manage "tickets" for students who write to them

someone please make me a custom emoji that is just someone giving a big sigh

@amsomniac we don't actually know how many in-copyrighted works would be available through such a system, so who knows if that's what it would even be? hopefully they open source the code.

"The Internet Archive Will Digitize & Preserve Millions of Academic Articles with Its New Database, 'Internet Archive Scholar'"

I need way more details about this

The worst part of creating a CSV with a script is never the data analysis part it's the comma/quote part.

@anelki it's all JSON and all seem to conform to this spec (GL only partially?): openapis.org/

i'm not a metadata specialist but crosswalking JSON based on a similar spec into a common schema should not be....more than a semester's amount of work off tops, for an initial prototype?

my canonical pronouns are this bitch/that bitch

@anelki I think that just providing a search layer on top of the APIs for each of those shouldn't actually be a huge project (she says out of her ass, having not looked into it seriously LOL).

maybe i'll fuck around and ask my CS program for an independent study next semester and do this

@anelki oh I see now, weird!

The closest that you can get is probably the Software Heritage archive right now, tbh, and maybe some of the disciplinary software registries (ascl.net/), but in terms of a general search across source hosting platforms, I am not sure that exists

@anelki I can't see a toot above this one so is it just a hello? if so hello πŸ‘‹

Good news for all those waiting for #pinetime and #pinecube dev kits - They are available the the Pine Store (store.pine64.org).

NB. The PineTime now ships with @codingfield's FOSS InfiniTime firmware!

cranking up 10 hour sandstorm and getting to work

@alpine_thistle ngl if makerspace stuff involved things like sticking programmable LEDs into cute crocheted critters I'd be 900% more into it

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