sitting in the awards ceremony for to see if our paper won best in our track 🀞

beyond thrilled to announce the first paper has been published in the proceedings of <> !!

give it a read if you are interested in how folx in academia are learning + using Git + Git hosting platforms:

I am SUPER excited to announce that the data from our focus groups, survey, and interviews is now published with the Qualitative Data Repository πŸ™Œ

The data is here:

More detail in our announcement here:

our ( survey closes TOMORROW at midnight, pacific standard time :blobastonished:

we are ~100 responses away from 500, which is the number we really strove for!!

if you have 10minutes and write/reuse code in academia, I would be so grateful if you could take the survey:

and forward it around to all your coworkers/friends/enemies-you-must-work-with we would be EVEN MORE grateful :blobheartcat:

Sarah and I are conducting 32 interviews in the next 2 weeks and we're expecting more to be added 🀯

I just gave a talk at about -- my Sloan funded project looking at archiving source code + its contextual ephemera (e.g. issue threads). The talk slides are here for any interested parties:

The first of it's kind -- Lab Notes :goose_hacker:

Genevieve starts us off with the first of a series, testing how web archiving tools can help with preserving source code + its scholarly ephemera :heart_cybre:

this first post looks at Archive-It and future posts will look at tools like Webrecorder & Memento Tracer

anyway, read her post here:


Team would *love* to hear about how you use version control & code hosting platforms, no matter your level of use or confidence in your skills :heart_cybre:

More info about the research:

Direct link to the survey:

please :boost_ok:

FIRST BLOG POST OF 2020 :blobcoffee:

in which Sarah Nguyen describes how Continuous Integration can be used for quality assurance in research workflows :crt_w_green_lines:

Check it out:

Our slides are up for even though we are LITERALLY THE LAST PRESO OF THE CONFERENCE!

Check 'em out:

Now for an actual *researchy* blog post πŸ€“

Sarah follows up on her July post on the notable ways in which scholars use Git hosting platforms (like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc.) to cover Notable Way #5 -- Education!

Read it here:

New blog post -- from me! I am making my blog debut to do a short IASGE-centered recap of , going over the poster that Genevieve and I presented and two other related projects that were at the conf πŸ’«

Read it here:

Got my inbox down to 30 after being out for a week and not touching email :blimey:

My top 3 other to-do's for today:

1. review student's research methods statement
2. write 2 tiny lil blog posts on for the Data Services and blog
3. action items for AUL search committee

and now with this poster, I am done presenting!! Can relax and see other stuff now!!

my Tuesday at was B U S Y!

I had a panel discussing some qual research on workplace dissatisfaction in digital stewards *and* a presentation on ReproZip-Web/Saving Data Journalism, and tomorrow I have my poster

selfie, eye contact, research team photo 

the team is ready to give the first preso about our project at the Software Preservation Network's quarterly forum ~ slides are:

techpol, uspol, IASGE blog post 

The Team is taking a break from our normal research-y posts to talk about the against folks in (or who have been linked to) Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Cuba, and Crimea w.r.t. hosting platforms, most recently

Read our post here:

New post up ✍️

Genevieve, the research scientist for LIS, continuing her environmental scan, wrote about current approaches to self-archiving source code πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Read it here:

And if you want to get auto-updated when we post something new, we have an RSS feed too:

Web archiving source code :eyethink:

In this next update from our project, Genevieve explores 3 web archiving tools with examples of how some folx are using these existing tools/approaches for capturing source code πŸ“ƒ

Give it a read here:


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