Found LB on his Summoning Box holding a rain cloud talisman ๐Ÿ”ฎ

:blobsweats: the rain came from my house today

Some wholesome content for your TLs: it's Little Boss's 6th birthday :patcat:

Enjoy this pic of him on some luggage with his mini-me and another one of him looking into the beyond :blobcatlove:

SOOOOOOO I went to download the slides for the first class of the summer course I am taking, "Programming Languages"

& I get the popup in the picture ๐Ÿ˜†

how good does this guy thinks his slides are, that we're going to go around and sell them? aggy!

Added onto this is that I went to his twitter to see if he's normally uptight or what, and his account has a HUGE warning on it saying that it is "temporarily restricted" for its activity...

all terrible omens for this summer class

UPDATE: I feel good about it! Somewhere between 80-89/100 probably!

Enjoy this pic of LB resenting being kept out of my exam room (the bedroom) taken by my partner @remram44

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Made a big ole meal tonight: fried pickles, chicken, and onion. mixed veggies. baked beans. biscuits. quinoa. spicy mayo. And @remram44 made the Moscow mule!

my work from home desk set up is really coming along!

trying to make it a nice blend of purples, greys, and blacks (and the Evee from Build a Bear I made with my niece)

All of you on my "recc me a tablet" thread were so positive about the remarkable that I bought one!

And I really love it already, least of which is because I can load up the PDF version of Passion Planner and edit it as if it's a real planner!!

Thank you all โค๏ธ

@remram44 's maman got me this while we're in France :blobcatlove:

@davidrevoy the print came out great!!!!

insta screenshot, possum cuteness TRASH AND PLASTIC, IT'S FANTASTIC :purple_sparkling_heart:

Librarian friends in the Fediverse, what's your take on what I should do here? Ithaka is..............

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