THANK YOU to all who are helping us translate Taguette!! If you're using Taguette on a server (e.g. ) you can now choose from current languages in account settings 🌍

Italian and Japanese are ongoing! Contribute your language via if you have the time/inclination!


Giving the basics of how decentralized social networks work and how people talk to each other outside their servers

@darius presenting on the decentralized web at !! You might see him on here talking about his work as a Mozilla fellow playing around with

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TFW people publish about open science and transparency behind paywalls πŸ™„ can we stop please?

My colleague Sarah and I taught today at Seton Hall Uni :blobcat:

Taguette is a qualitative analysis tool --- one of only two open and free tools in this space :toughcoffee:

Try it out -- you use it on your desktop, our server, or self-host!!

πŸ“ Taguette 0.4 is out πŸ“

* Export all highlights associated with a tag, or all highlights in general as PDF, DOCX, HTML
* Export tagged documents as PDF, DOCX, HTML

Update your installation:

I am so ridiculously tired. Enjoy one of my fave gifs of all time.

Prepping my materials for tomorrow means editing pictures of my cat to include in the lecture :blobmiou:

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