All of you on my "recc me a tablet" thread were so positive about the remarkable that I bought one!

And I really love it already, least of which is because I can load up the PDF version of Passion Planner and edit it as if it's a real planner!!

Thank you all ❤️

@remram44 's maman got me this while we're in France :blobcatlove:

@davidrevoy the print came out great!!!!

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Librarian friends in the Fediverse, what's your take on what I should do here? Ithaka is..............

hey @nextcloud , are there any dependencies for the Mail add-on? I keep trying to get my gmail set up with it, but it keeps failing with no error. Just...doesn't work. Thanks!!

New blog post -- from me! I am making my blog debut to do a short IASGE-centered recap of , going over the poster that Genevieve and I presented and two other related projects that were at the conf 💫

Read it here: (I need to get him on masto) kills w.r.t it in his interview as one of this year’s 200 researchers participating in the 7th Heidelberg Laureate Forum:

and now with this poster, I am done presenting!! Can relax and see other stuff now!!

my Tuesday at was B U S Y!

I had a panel discussing some qual research on workplace dissatisfaction in digital stewards *and* a presentation on ReproZip-Web/Saving Data Journalism, and tomorrow I have my poster

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