@remram44 's maman got me this while we're in France :blobcatlove:

@davidrevoy the print came out great!!!!

insta screenshot, possum cuteness 

Librarian friends in the Fediverse, what's your take on what I should do here? Ithaka is..............

hey @nextcloud , are there any dependencies for the Mail add-on? I keep trying to get my gmail set up with it, but it keeps failing with no error. Just...doesn't work. Thanks!!

New blog post -- from me! I am making my blog debut to do a short IASGE-centered recap of , going over the poster that Genevieve and I presented and two other related projects that were at the conf 💫

Read it here: investigating-archiving-git.gi

And Fernando shouts out his mentors, two amazing women in compsci :heart_cybre:

@fchirigati@twitter.com (I need to get him on masto) kills w.r.t it in his interview as one of this year’s 200 researchers participating in the 7th Heidelberg Laureate Forum: scilogs.spektrum.de/hlf/10-out

and now with this poster, I am done presenting!! Can relax and see other stuff now!!

my Tuesday at was B U S Y!

I had a panel discussing some qual research on workplace dissatisfaction in digital stewards *and* a presentation on ReproZip-Web/Saving Data Journalism, and tomorrow I have my poster

birbsite link/retoot 

selfie, eye contact, research team photo 

possum pic, Instagram screenshot 

I am so sick of people writing about and and behind (no green OA copy of this either...)

American possums 

One of my student workers is revamping my libguide and made this infographic of LB (@remram44 's and my cat) trying to describe the concept of metadata

I just -- :blobheartcat:

birbsite screenshot, + 

photo of me & my best friend, eye contact 

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