can someone explain to me why non-commercial creative commons licenses are not open when applied to scholarly articles?

I've heard this statment a lot but I'm not 100% on the underlying logic.

@vickysteeves I’m not sure but maybe because it could preclude use by people who need to photocopy them (for example) for an edu purpose when students don’t have high bandwidth so can’t access online, and a bookstore or something might make a small profit by doing so? I seem to recall hearing something about a situation like this awhile ago.

@vickysteeves Honestly, though, I don’t know what the arguments are. I just tend to not use NC overall because it’s ambiguous what would count. My uni charges for that a commercial use if I use something for a course? (For example)

@clhendricksbc I think the ambiguity is the biggest problem, you're right. I wish instead of NC the license was 'nonprofit'

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