What's your favourite program to write large stories? I want something to help organize my story for this November.

@windmills I have a hard enough time with NaNoWriMo!! I don't think I could do 100 days of writing 😅

@vickysteeves probably obvious, but have you looked at Scribes?

@shivvi I understood scribus was more for publishing -- I'm looking for something that can help organize writing projects in terms of characters, plot lines, etc. Should I look at it again?

@vickysteeves unsure, you're likely right... I've done nothing very long tbh...

@vickysteeves I have a thing on android called Novelist. It's got a trello-like UI and is aimed at writing. Its free, but likely not FOSS. Might be a temporary option though.

@vickysteeves Maybe it goes without saying that you've tried this already but...libre office writer? Not very innovative as it aims to give you something like Microsoft Word in Linux, but it is FOSS and cross platform.

@trevdev thanks! I was more looking for something aimed at novelists (though I do use LO Writer for every day stuff!)

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