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this morning I smoked a joint, got under my kotatsu, and starting working and i've got a lot done. i'm in total work mode and i do not really understand why.

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@vickysteeves Sounds like a way of coping! We all got chased by a boar yesterday and it's exhausting. But like doing workouts etc might help.

I took a klonopin from my Notre Dame-era hoard (I am like a dragon and hold onto those suckers as long as I can) and slept super well last night! I wouldn't describe myself as well or focused yet but slept better than in days which helps.

prescription meds, mh ~ 

@platypus omg chased by a BOAR? that's wild!! I didn't even know there were boars in the North...

A deep sleep can really do wonders 🙏

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@vickysteeves oh I was just using that as a metaphor for the whole coup! 😅 but yes I think there are?

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@platypus lol that went RIGHT over my head this AM 😆

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