how the fuck are people coping right now?

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mh - 

@Greg glad it isn't just me. like idk how to do anything other than stare at the wall right now

mh - 

@vickysteeves I just got off a call with one of my managers and we talked about the shit for 20 minutes, work for 5, and more shit for the last 5. Both admitted that the rest of the day is shot.

@vickysteeves I"M NOT

I am probably going to end up pushing work stuff for the rest of the week to the week after and telling everyone "lol sorry I absolutely cannot do this, pretend I was sick or something"

@darius yeah i think that will be my exact strategy as well

uspol, "psychohistory" 

@vickysteeves I was a pessimist who's been reading predictions of violence for some time. It gave me time to emotionally prepare.

Essay about from one of the groups predicting significant political violence in the US.

@vickysteeves I'm in a pile of plushies getting my snuggle on before I go make dinner.

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