Hello!! I am conducting a panel about this open access paper about workplace dissatisfaction amongst digital preservation practitioners with my co-authors.

Since the panel is pre-recorded, we wanted to get "audience" questions ahead of time to answer!!

This is the paper: elischolar.library.yale.edu/jc

I would be soooo grateful if anyone wanted to send me any questions about the paper. Things you disagreed with, things you want us to expand on, etc!


@vickysteeves Only just seen this, but I already love the title of the paper... 😆

And you saw it right as we finished recording the panel :blobouin: we roasted management a wee bit

@vickysteeves Is there a recording that will be publicly available somewhere?

It's for DLF so yes! But in like the beginning of November (we have to edit & caption it and I'll toot the link!)

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