"in Japan, it's considered polite to care about what others think and to be careful not to bother them"

In which Marie Kondo roasts US-ians for not giving a shit about causing noise in an office space 🤣


I can really get behind Marie Kondo roasting the US, the amount of irrational hate she gets here is absurd.

Well it isn't, it sadly isn't, but it SHOULD be.

Oh yeah, we deserve all the roasts. Marie Kondo 200% does not deserve all the hate she gets. People who criticize her, I'm convinced have never read her *actual* words

@vickysteeves @Alonealastalovedalongthe I...had no idea there were people who hate her. I don't have any particular devotion to her but I don't know any reason to dislike her either. Is it anything beyond "how dare this woman succeed by telling others how to behave?"


I think the bulk of it is racism and sexism. Also people LOVE to make fun of the whole taking the time to literally thank the objects you are giving up before getting rid of them thing.

I think this bothers people because:

1) its a bit goofy and she is japanese so its completely ok to say "well I dont know if I believe in all that fluff" whereas white culture is full of dumb shit no one questions

2) it hits the nail thunderously on the head and thats scary

@robotcarsley @vickysteeves

I wanna expand on that second point because it is why marie kondo does really say shit us culture needs to hear.

The deep reason that people in the us have too much stuff they cant throw away is that when we pick up said stuff that is no longer bringing joy to us it is a visceral reminder of how little time and rest we have. It is too painful to look the everyday brutality of us culture in the eyes, so we keep the object and fantasize about having the time tomorrow

@robotcarsley @vickysteeves

Which is the universal fleeting experience of living, but also everyone in the US who isnt filthy rich has, deep down I believe, a sense that things arent right. Of course we will always feel life is too short but THIS SHORT? This stressed out and devoid of connected moments with those we love??

So marie kondo in the most friendly, unassuming way is reminding us, through telling us to thank the objects that no longer give us joy, that we are really deeply fucked up.

@vickysteeves @Alonealastalovedalongthe I love Marie Kondo's words, but I give her a little grief for her merchandising of crank products with her name on it. That cooled me a little bit on promoting her work.

But yeah, her ideas of respect for what was a part of you and being open to a new life of joy really resonated with me.

I love when ppl outside of white/US/North American culture talk about differences in what's appropriate and polite and it's always things that are also polite for us we just are horrible gremlin people who were trained to not give a shit about others lol


well, there can be a few different sides to having a "polite" culture where nobody bothers each other

on one hand everybody's less openly rude and that's good.

on the other, i hear england is also roughly in the same category
and has sort of a widespread problem that everybody just hides passive aggression in normal interactions and everyone accepts you don't share your real feelings, some seemingly polite phrases are actually rude, and people will always be distant & cold

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