shameless self promotion of my new paper 

Our new article is finally published!

'What’s Wrong with Digital Stewardship: Evaluating the Organization of Digital Preservation Programs from Practitioners’ Perspectives"

Basically we (Peggy, Shira, Karl, Julia, and I) asked ~25 digital preservation practitioners about their workplace and the fields' downward workplace satisfaction trend and analyzed their answers.

Article (open access):

Data (mostly open except the interview transcripts themselves, participant protection):

shameless self promotion of my new paper 

@vickysteeves Our team just booked in a virtual afternoon tea session to discuss your article next week. I think it may end up being a good opportunity for our Digital Preservation Program Manager to debrief about the recent digital preservation project and get some peer support.

shameless self promotion of my new paper 

@dzshuniper wow that's so excellent, thank you so much for sharing this with me! I hope it goes well


Interesting! I wonder how many #OpenAccess articles overtly argue in favour of horizontal power structures for reasons of efficiency?

Minor gripe: The sample sizes for the Fig 1 surveys seem to be missing (except 2018: N=21). Without these, the reader cannot estimate even a naive #PoissonError to see if the differences are significant (Poisson errors in the national SARS-CoV-2 daily counts: )

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