Richard Stanley did a PHENOMENAL job directing "Colour out of Space" and I hear he is due to do another 2 Lovecraft movie adaptions :blobheartcat:

I'm hoping for 'the Curious Case of Charles Dexter Ward' & 'The Whisperers in Darkness'

(runner ups: A Shadow over Innsmouth & Dunwich Horror)

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@schluff it's out on redbox (which is how my parents got it) and I assume streaming services (but can't confirm ATM)

@vickysteeves @schluff Color Out Of Space is out now on Netflix here in Canada, at least. (Can confirm it's a great movie.)

@keithzg @vickysteeves It seems it had a DVD release. But, what, Nicolas Cage? Huh?

@schluff @vickysteeves Set in the modern day; Nicholas Cage is actually well-used here, including that he's a bit off to the side for much of the film and the actual main character is really the daughter in the family.

@keithzg @schluff

Nic Cage gave the performance of a L I F E T I M E in this movie to be honest.

@vickysteeves @schluff If you haven't seen Mandy yet, you should see Mandy! A shockingly different and shockingly similar movie.
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