So remember when Slack wrote a big 1 page ad in the NYT about how much they supposedly don't care about MS Teams (

life comes at you fast I guess because Slack is suing MS over Teams integration in Office, calling it "anti-competitive":

honestly fuck both of them

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@vickysteeves I honestly dont get it. Teams is MS developed. Office is MS developed. Why shouldnt they allow Teams to integrate with another MS product?
None of them (teams, slack nd office) are open source anyway.
Slack just needs to pull itself together and also create the same integration with Office.

@vickysteeves "an open platform is essential" I agree. That's why I use @matrix and Mattermost. There's plenty of others to choose from.

@nivex @matrix

same! I'm very much a matrix supporter ;) hopefully slack and MS teams eats themselves and we can just port people over to Element or whatever client else on Matrix ;)

@vickysteeves I'm starting to think that "business" will have one set of tools and the rest of us will figure out systems that work well for real people.

@vickysteeves I do agree with slack that MS are being anti competitive and abiding their monopoly. Slack looks expensive because the MS pricing is bundled up in MS enterprise fees trojan horse that feel like you are paying twice if you then pay to use slack. How can you compete with that?

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