MLIS debate on birbsite 


yet ANOTHER twitter debate about the worth of the MLIS degree for librarianship without acknowledging that people get hired into these positions without MLIS's all the time (at least in academic librarianship, where the OP is situated), and they are MOSTLY white people (and I would say, at least at MPOW, mostly white men with PhDs in other fields)

just because you had a bad experience at library school != the degree is worthless, FFS

MLIS debate on birbsite 

there are PLENTY of things I want to change about higher edu in the US (the gatekeeping, -isms, + cost) and the MLIS (i adjuncted for 1 year at my alma mater and the curriculum for a database class hadn't changed in TEN YEARS!!), but if you say you want to abolish it on the basis of equity without acknowledging the above, you're just making the way for more white people in libraries (there are already too many!)

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MLIS debate on birbsite 

The dream for me is for GLAMs to fund URM workers from within their institution to get their MLIS, rather than remove the requirement and hire more Dr. White Dudes

MPOW is funding my 2nd degree because it's a job requirement. They should also fund MLIS's.

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