hey y'all! I am recording a panel with some cool folks, which was supposed to live but now isn't. I still want to get some "audience" questions thought, and that audience is YOU, FEDI!

send me questions you'd like people involved in software preservation to answer. can be legal, social, or technical questions. can ask about research, teaching/learning, student perspectives, archival work, software dev work.

lots of range on this panel so hit me with your Qs!

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@vickysteeves When do you need them by? And can you give an idea of any specialties that the people on the panel might have?

@pagrus whenever this month would be awesome! the panel covers a WIDE range of software pres folks. i would be very impressed if anyone threw out a question too niche for these folks so go wild!

@vickysteeves Oh I didn't think it would be too niche, it was more like I'd like to ask a good question that was relevant to their expertise if I was going to ask anything at all

@pagrus oh sorry, then we have someone building/managing software project for software preservation (has intersections w/ legal affairs), a digital archivist who facilitated instructional use of preserved legacy software/"oral histories" centered on legacy software by students, someone embedded in maintenance of archives specific to software pres, someone doing metadata work for a large-scale software pres project, and someone who studies all of the above

@vickysteeves Awesome, that sounds like a super interesting panel. I will try to think of something good

@vickysteeves I don't know if these are what you're looking for, but here's some questions:

1. Preserve just the bits, or the ability to execute the software?

2. To preserve the ability to execute software would seem to require preserving the environment it runs under. So if it's important to preserve the ability to execute, how far "down the stack" does preservation go?

3. If execution context is being preserved as well, are there efforts to create standard preservation platforms?


What would it take - financially, institutionally, etc. - for software preservation to be properly supported on an ongoing basis, worldwide and including hobbyist and art software?

@vickysteeves What are some of the frustrations of DRM with software preservation (including copy protection, encryption, and the like).

(I know I find slight irony that the versions of software that will be preserved for all time have a long-since defunct telephone number to some BBS out there and greets to a bunch of folks who helped defeat the copy protection).

Obvious is which medium to use. Tape is still often recommended.
And, yes, the exec environment to read it even like stanhope says.

@vickysteeves I've collected several GB of academic software and unpublished research papers of which I may have the only copies left. Is there any value in preserving these artifacts? If so, how do I publish these without violating copyright? Is there a copyright time capsule that releases items when their copyright expires?


What is software preservation ?
What's the difference with the Software Heritage Foundation's work ?

@LienRag we have someone from Software Heritage on the panel :)

but that' a good idea, the differences in types of preservation work in the panel

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