Steps to save your code:

1) clone locally and keep it somewhere findable/your personal archive
2) deposit a copy in Software Heritage with this form:
3) deposit a copy in Zenodo ( or use the Open Science Framework's ( integration with Bitbucket to drag and drop the files into OSF storage (or GL or GH) for persistence

@amj honestly it's a bit of a stupid move on Atlassian's, because Hg repos make up a little less than 1% of their overall repos, and they could keep them without having to do much. I assume they want more git-focused features and didn't want to extend to Hg, but that's speculation

@vickysteeves mercurial repos could be hosted on sourcehut ( as well.

@inan @vickysteeves ... which is run by a single, very opinionated person who's not that good at taking disagreement.

re: bitbucket deleting hg repos 

@vickysteeves one other thing important to note -- a few folks have brought up supporting mercurial on gitea and now would be an excellent time to voice your support. they're still focusing on feature parity with GitHub/GitLab at the moment, but this would be a good thing to bring up for the next version.

re: bitbucket deleting hg repos 

@lightdark added my support!

@vickysteeves Thanks, I just saved some old projects that I'll eventually want to read again, just for fun :-)

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