@wilkie how's the OS lecture? my OS homework is like 1/3 the way done FINALLY

@vickysteeves it is a pre-OS course, technically, so it's beneath you. but it is going very well, I think! took me like 10 hours to produce and edit. I'm gonna get better at it. :patcat:

@vickysteeves my process is to pre-record 45 minutes or so and then have a teleconference for Q&A for the last 30 minutes. only 5 views on the video. 😬 video.449.wilkiepedia.org/vide

@vickysteeves uhh...did you see the C4L email?

And do you have any questions?

@vickysteeves I'm trying to let everyone know who I might have had contact with in the last two weeks.

also @platypus I think we met, right?

@anelki @vickysteeves womp, yeah I think so... good to know!

the good news is that there's only a few days left in the (likely) window for me based on leaving C4L at noon Weds.

@vickysteeves thanks! I hope you and Genevieve and Sarah are as well!

All good here so far. Quarantined up and NYU is all remote until end of semester (libraries included). Hope GMU closes soon (that's egregious)

@vickysteeves they announced our closing last night, but I've been remote since the beginning of last week.

@vickysteeves it was mainly about the frontline hourly staff getting shafted (as per usual...)

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