the prof NEVER makes it thru his slides (operating systems)

and they are all in comic sans

those facts are unrelated but i felt i needed to share

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@vickysteeves Hey it could be worse, it could be Calibri! Or if we're sticking with oldskool Microsoft fonts, Wingdings ;)

@keithzg I would take Calibri over Comic Sans literally any day 😆

@vickysteeves Fair enough; I would actually prefer Comic Sans since there are a few nails-on-chalkboard bits of Calibri that I just can't get over (the inexplicable complete font change between regular and italics for the lowercase g is the one that really, really grates on me, seriously what the hell is up with that?).

@vickysteeves one of my old bosses (OS prof) constantly uses comic sans for his lecture slides because he heard it was very legible once. lots of OS textbook-provided slides are also in comic sans. OS folks are just very impressionable I guess.

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