I love Nextcloud so fucking much

Using the draw,io addon to do my database homework (ERDs, y'all!) and it's flawless

plus I'm listening to my entire music library with the audio addon

and periodically checking RSS with the news addon

and just saved a keto sushi rice recipe with the cookbook addon

ugh in centralized vicky-hosted heaven

@LienRag I'm running this on a pretty minimal OVH-rented server!


Oh, so you don't have your music library in local?

@LienRag I sync a good amount of it to my local computer (for when I'm offline) but listen to it in-browser most of the time

i also back up all my nextcloud stuff to various providers

@vickysteeves where did you start for setting this up? I’ve looked a few times and never invested in it for... reasons

@sconlan what do you mean?

i basically run nextcloud on my server (hosted by OVH) using docker and then the add-ons are installed from within the nextcloud UI

i'm a n00b sysadmin and had some help from my lovely partner in setting it up for myself, but they have a lot of nice videos too that would probably help you?

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