I just really want a nice Linux tablet that I can take notes on for school. Anyone know of any tablets that are easy to root, or Linux-first tablets?

@vickysteeves pretty much any android that is like a year or two old is super easy to root.
you can even use an app like towelroot that does it for you:

@vickysteeves sorry, I hate doing this, but... Not what you asked exactly but I know someone who really likes their Remarkable tablet. Not Android/Linux. But nice for note taking.

@Greg @vickysteeves remarkable tablet does actually run linux

it's just locked down and you can't hack it

@Greg @vickysteeves scratch that, apparently they provide source code for the major base components and a toolchain?

I second using the remarkable, when you only want to take notes.

I first tried taking notes on a normal tablet that comes with a pen, but it did not work out and I used paper again. Then I tried the remarkable and now it is my new note pad for everything.

You can find the ssh root password on the settings page, when you want to tinker with it.

I am very careful, though, as I do not know how hard it may be to reinstall the tablet when I break something.

@Greg @vickysteeves

@allo @ky0ko @Greg @vickysteeves The remarkable is cool, when you can afford it. The most exciting thing I see about it isn't even the note taking feature, but being able to read A4-PDFs comfortably.

@Greg @solarkraft @allo @ky0ko

I read some reviews that it was generally buggy, but I've been dying to try it regardless -- maybe I'll see if I can get a sale version somewhere!! Thanks all!!

I have no problems at all. Maybe some older firmware?

You just need to know: It is a writing tablet. I do not even think it makes a good e-book reader. But when you want to replace a note pad or mark things in a PDF file it is fine.

The PDF export itself is not that good (e.g. PDFs are rasterized before exporting), but there are open source tools to convert the internal fileformat to SVG.
And you can copy the cached bitmaps from the device.

@Greg @solarkraft @ky0ko

@vickysteeves Perhaps a raspberry pi solution with a touchscreen? Not sure about unit costs, but would be more configurable to your needs. Would have to print an enclosure of course, but not too much of a bother.

@TallTim @vickysteeves Not a promising avenue, unless you can point to a decent pen input digitizer sold separately or a display with one integrated that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

@vickysteeves wish I did, but no... boosting in case anyone I know has suggestions, though...

@vickysteeves I'm currently rooting for a Lenovo Thinkpad with toch screen. The Yoga 11e is especially designed for your intended purpose, other more powerful series are available. They come mostly with Windows preinstalled but are also available without, even used/refurbished.

@vickysteeves All x86 tablets are theoretically great for it. I use a Dell Latitude 5285 as my main device (like a Surface Pro 4, but with USB-C and not unrepairable garbage) and I'm pretty happy with.
If you're looking for a cheap, secondary device just for note taking you'll be pretty happy about all the old, low spec Lenovo Miixes, Acer Switches and others being thrown around cheaply through classified ads (at least in Germany).

@vickysteeves Do you already have software plans? Special features you are looking for? I do the hand writing on Linux thing a bunch and think I could give a few tips, plus I remember a bit of the research I did to inform my purchase decision.

@solarkraft I really like Xournal++ or Xournal for handwritten note-taking and PDF mark-up, and it works on all OS's. I just prefer Linux (specifically KDE plasma) for my day-to-day work and I know it the best.

I'd love any tips you have!

@vickysteeves Xournalpp is great (plain Xournal I consider close to unusable, but somehow a lecturer of mine gets along with it)!

KDE is a huge pain if you want to use it just with touch or on Wayland with a pen (the Wacom drivers aren't there for QtWayland, don't know about other vendors), so when I know I'll only do pen stuff I tend to switch to Gnome (which is significantly less terrible, almost nearly good).

What *kind* of tablet are you looking for (size, price range)?

@vickysteeves Maybe the PineTab is interesting for you.It comes with Linux preinstalled and is quite cheap but maybe it's a bit too big for school,I don't know.

@nipos yes I really want to try Pine products they've been sold out for a while

@vickysteeves Yeah,all their cool stuff (Tablets,Phones,Smartwatches) is pretty new and they're very busy with it.The situation can only get better...

@vickysteeves If you can pay for it, I've heard nice things about the Onyx Boox.

@vickysteeves Not exactly a tablet, but I use a remarkable for note taking. It is on the pricey side though so may not suit you: If you can swallow the cost I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one.

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