can't concentrate on work so i deleted all my photos from google and exported all my drive files to then delete them as well

moving them onto my personal self-hosted nextcloud~!

@h3artbl33d yes I am obsessed. I use every app too

* collabora online for school/note taking
* cookbook for my cookbook
* news for my RSS
* deck for my kanbans

@vickysteeves Deck and news are awesome! Haven't tried Cookbook yet and Collabora Online is unfortunately a no-go for me (won't integrate due to serverside encryption).

I use it to keep my calendar and contacts in sync across devices, to store and share files with other people. Oh and don't get me started on Talk, it is a very powerful platform for comms :)

@vickysteeves Addendum: wow, just read about the functionality Cookbook offers. Insane! Sure am going to try that tomorrow :)

@h3artbl33d I've been thinking about Talk, good to know you like it! what do you use it most for?

cookbook keeping everything as json convinced me at first, and now I don't know if I can do recipes without it XD

@vickysteeves I use Talk mainly for direct messaging with some folks. Up until NC17 there was this annoying functionality that it would load every message in a chat history before being usable. Can be a burden with lengty chats. But that is fixed!

Audio and video calls are fast, good quality but I don't use it (most of my contacts are on Signal). I did use it once for a non-testing conference videocall with a client; they were pretty amazed by it :)

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