w.r.t. Cliff Lynch's plenary, I found it to be a lot of ... weird stuff

he posited that decentralization isn't gaining traction yet bemoaned the rise of "scientific nationalism" (which many are not convinced is a thing) which relies on decentralizing to country-level

he also posited that the Internet started as a non-State (capital s!) driven enterprise and it's being more taken over by gov'ts....ignoring a lot of the history of the Internet

one thing I didn't mind is that he said libraries will have to move into the textbook space because of how publishers are taking advantage of the students at our unis, which i definitely agree with

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His list of "trends" was quite long and varied and I guess those 3 were the ones stuck in my mind

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after the plenary I went to the session called "watchful eyes on digital preservation action" which was a series of project updates -- sched.co/Xk4K

most interestingly for me was around the software preservation network

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after THAT I saw some updates from the Data Curation Network - sched.co/Xk31

they have curated 70 datasets this year across the network of 10 partners! I am really enamored with their approach -- it encourages locally building community and community throughout the network

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Then I went to an update from Ilya Kremer about Webrecoder -- sched.co/Xk3V

Ilya demo'd webrecorder capturing a website using Flash by showing a capture of homestar runner! And he showed "Autopilot" -- a function on top of webrecorder to automatically capture things like all the slides in slideshare, or all the replies in a twitter thread

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now I'm in a talk about the CuRe consortium, which includes the Odum Institute, CISER at Cornell, and ISPS about their "computational reproducibility" service and checklist -- sched.co/Xk4r

basically they want to train up people to support curation skills for reproducible research, though I haven't seen any community calls or outreach from them besides conf presentations. Hoping they do some of this in the next grant they have now!

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I crashed the APC panel late -- it's about how to flip OA (in practice and discourse) away from APCs (bc fuck that!) -- cnifall2019membershipmeeting.s

As usual Amy Buckland is 😍 and the whole panel is so phenom. Great discussion happening -- one of the panelists is getting "support open" on ALL NEW LIBRARIANS JOB ADS!!! and give all library workers time in their day to learn more about open (in a lot of forms) and support it

Wish I could put that forward at NYU

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