I am in Linked Data hell trying to see why Gephi's semantic web importer isn't importing my students *.nt files correctly

Is there a good validator/linter out there for *.nt files? It might be the file is malformed but I am not an expert in this area...

@platypus thank you!! just figured I'd directly ping since I thought of you first XD

@vickysteeves I think the problem is that I validate JSON and JSON-LD but never N-Triples... ugh... I feel like I should know this?

@vickysteeves oh oh oh, I have used this one to translate between them!

Using that might help since you could see if it transforms?

@platypus aweee thank you so much! it does transform but it doesn't look right, so that might be an indication the initial triples weren't formed to spec?

@vickysteeves ohh yeah maybe... if you wanna DM me a sample private gist or something I could look at it quick

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