Librarian friends in the Fediverse, what's your take on what I should do here? Ithaka is..............

@vickysteeves it seems totally fair to tell them that you're simply too busy to participate, which sounds true anyway

@andrewjbtw it's true, but also, Ithaka produces some questionable stuff, am I wrong in thinking that?

@vickysteeves I also have mixed feelings about some of their work, I was just thinking about a non-confrontational way to not participate. But I don't know the context, and maybe there's an opportunity to raise questions about their goals and/or methods?

No your instinct is spot-on (w.r.t. nonconfron ways to say no), I just wanted to double check my skepticism was shared I suppose xD

@vickysteeves Meh. I have Roger Schonfeld blocked everywhere he's blockable (including here), because he takes over conversations with leading questions, offers nothing back, and doesn't acknowledge his interlocutors when he uses their ideas.

Ithaka kinda knows better than to mess with me now.

@vickysteeves SR frustrates me when their consulted experts are always deans of whatever. This seems like an improvement

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