I start my second masters this week!! Tomorrow!! First class!! :blobsweats:

@vickysteeves ahhh holy shit! ... what's it in???

(also can I introduce you to someone new at my work? she's just getting started and kind of in your area)

Compsci, I have a BS ( :sadglasses: ) in it so gonna continue. It's a req for tenure

And totally feel free to make the intro!!

@vickysteeves great, just sent email! Briana's v. nice and she spent the first year of her PhD work here traveling the country and coloring bee patterns, so she has like random fascinating experience (also keeping bees alive, doing "real" data work -- but preserving bee coloring data???)

and woot! Sorry you have to do it for tenure though. That's kind of BS.

@platypus oooo that is so interesting, I love bees! Brings me back to my natural history museum days at the AMNH 😆

@vickysteeves Hope it'll be interesting and everything <3 Good luck!

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