Yo Bitbucket is just deleting Mercurial repositories by June 2020 -- they've given no reason why they aren't make mercurial repositories read-only. Deleting them wholesale seems so unnecessary and hostile.


@vickysteeves I think I remember hearing @sir has a script to migrate from bitbucket to (who also has mercurial support)

@vickysteeves “Sunsetting” has to be my least favorite word of modern corporate PR speak. It’s so rage-inducing it makes me want to scream and strangle someone. Like, it’s pretty clear you’re shutting down and abandoning shit in a way that will massively inconvenience your users, so just fucking say so.

I hate this American custom of downplaying everything with euphemisms whenever you fuck up.

@hirojin yeah it's not cool at all. every other provider did so much better than this. it's not like Atlassian doesn't have the $$!

@vickysteeves i really just took the news in stride

yet another big company sunsetting the thing that made them big

so i didn't actually read any of the news… and didn't realize they're not just sunsetting it, but killing it, and setting it on fire.

@vickysteeves @SwooshyCueb this sucks because that’s yet another service that won’t support mercurial.

i don’t like git, damnit lemme use something else.

@vickysteeves It's sad for sure. Hostile and unnecessary, though, I don't agree with.

If you offer something, you're supporting it, and if you're supporting it, you have to spend money on it.

They don't want to spend money on it... I get that. I think it's sad, but they're not being hostile in not wanting to spend money on something that's a negibgible and shrinking part of their product.

@emacsen Atlassian isn't wanting for money, and by their own admission Mercurial repos make up 1% of their repos overall. There's no money argument to be made here, IMO.

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