is blocking users based on national origin, citing US trade controls law restrictions....

People from , , , , and North Korea woke up one day to lose access to all their public and private repositories. There's reporting that even people *who traveled* to any of those countries in the last 2 years are losing their data...

And has not said ONE WORD ABOUT IT.


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@vickysteeves "oh don't worry, Microsoft taking over GitHub won't make any practical difference"


Put your repos on .

This is an open, non-profit, non-government collaboration platform

There is no need to use commercial, profit-driven services for your open source projects.

#codeberg #opensource #floss

@vickysteeves This isn't really a Microsoft thing. It's a US export controls thing, and blocking like this has been going on for at least two decades. It was a problem on Sourceforge when that was popular.

The lesson - which people never seem to learn - is that you shouldn't let a US based company gatekeep participation in your software project.

Also in purely legalistic terms it still makes no sense. "export" of software? It's not like exporting bananas. But in the last couple of decades nobody has challenged this in the courts, and because orgs like EFF are US based they just don't care.

Reminds me of way back, when the source code for PGP had to be printed out in toto, on actual paper so it could be 'exported' from the US, scanned back in using OCR software in Europe just so those outside of US could have access to 128bit encryption. In order to get around the ridiculous export controls that then existed. Actually, those controls probably still do exist.

@PhotonQyv @skarabrae @vickysteeves

about 10 years ago I had to electronically sign some document promising to the Feds/President Obama etc that I wouldn't export some Cisco VOIP phone firmware to China and some other countries.

On the underside of the phone itself: "Made in China" 😆

@vfrmedia @PhotonQyv @skarabrae @vickysteeves one time I had my dissertation work halted for two weeks while the State Department investigated because we had foreign funding on a computer vision based positioning system with infrared cameras. Some of the hardware was actually on an EC list and the whole thing could be adapted for automated weapons targeting, so I guess they had a fair point on that one

@PhotonQyv @skarabrae @vickysteeves

I did some work with a company who has branches in the UK and the US. They were *extremely* careful not to allow anyone in the US branch to make any change to code that was written in the UK because that would have put it under US export law and made it crazy hard to use the updated version in the UK ...

Ils sont fou, les americains ...

I'd expand that. We shouldn't rely on companies anywhere if we can help it. US is definitely doing the most though

@skarabrae @vickysteeves Whether you blame Microsoft or you blame the US, the remedy is the same: stop using #github.

I'm happy to see yet another reason to get ppl off github.

@vickysteeves @skarabrae #Github has recently started imposing forced chronic 2FA logins, which is absurdly cumbersome & disproportionate to the risks considering a compromised account does not imply a compromised GPG key. A dozen or so other reasons to condemn GH:

@vickysteeves That's actually a little bit weird. Usually, as Snowden showed us, the US prefers to use US-based services to spy on friend and foe alike. The fact that they now just block selected countries might be ... not worse in the big picture. Might be just a random consequence of White House nonsense.

@vickysteeves No worries. For people in those countries (especially North Korea and Cuba) being blocked by GitHub is the tiniest of their problems.

@mgiagante @vickysteeves Because US sanctions on food and medicine are a bigger problem? I agree with that.

@vickysteeves It's never been a good idea to host open source software at a proprietarty platform.I noticed that when it was bough by Micro$oft and many others are noticing it right now.Maybe it's good that this happened for that reason.If you can,you should host your own Gitea,Gogs or Gitlab instance,then you're completely independent from big US companies.Alternatively you can use public instances like which is hosted in the Netherlands.

@nipos this outage doesn't effect me and I work on GitLab primarily. Just awareness-raising!


If I had a github account I would move all data and delete it.


Maybe I should create a github account, upload some code, then delete everything and my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@vickysteeves People mustn't trust large platforms. Host your own infra, unite across borders, ask others for help! Just like the internet and the web, git was designed to be synced around. There is Gitea as a lighteweight, open source replacement for self-hosting. ,just take some action instead of relying on third parties. :)

@vickysteeves Welcome to US export compliance. US entities better comply quickly on request or they face enormous fines, or worse.

Given that Gitlab moved to San Francisco for the sweet VC money, they're probably not quite immune either. Or Source Hut for that matter.

@patrick GitLab gave people 10 days to get their data out and opened an issue on GitLab-CE for discussion-- way better than GH's approach of "oh yeah no more access for y'all all of a sudden."

Sourcehut is mostly self hosted for now unless you want to pay them, from what I see? It's still alpha.

@vickysteeves GitLab can only hope they won't get busted. GitHub belongs to Microsoft which probably has a long-running export compliance department that knows how willful non-compliance (which "serving you breaks export control regulations but we give you 10 days to sort it out" indicates: you know about it but you keep it going for a while) can end.

Yes, it's the more customer friendly approach, but with export compliance that's usually not a factor because the penalties are so steep.
@vickysteeves update: They have now said a lot of words. None of them change the fact that the US government has an outsized impact on the world of technology, including patent and copyright law.

@vickysteeves One of these days I'm going to face the fact that it's me who's living under harsh dictatorship(for all intents and purposes) regime.

@vickysteeves I wonder if someone is working on making a federated version of gitlab.

@vickysteeves That’s the very reason why on my end only a few Homebrew formulae are still on GitHub…

@vickysteeves Why are there shifting so litte people to #Gitllab & Co then ?!?

@vickysteeves It probably naturally follows that users from #Venezuela and Nicaragua got locked out too then.

I mean #Github even did a deal to provide hosting for the US military even before that MS buyout. So, I guess this is just par for the course...

I'd like to encourage everyone not to use #github any more. We should free ourselves from #microsoft and viscous north American imperialism. #gitlab and #gittea are great alternatives. Ideally self hosted. Please move your software away from github.

This is not a political statement. This is a statement about #freedom as in FLOSS.

@gdroid @vickysteeves is actually quite evil. Endorsing #gitlab s/w alone is fine but it's important to condemn the #walledgarden service at the same time.

@vickysteeves @gdroid for a service replacement, and are reasonably ethical

@resist1984 Would you mind explaining which parts of are evil?

@winniehell I'm pleased to see you are taking it in the direction of reduced #CAPTCHA pushing. All captchas are generally evil as they fail to separate good bots from bad ones. But if a CAPTCHA must be used, the worst possible choice is Google's reCAPTCHA, which poses a #netneutrality issue (as it creates access inequality by giving extra poor treatment to users not logged into Google).

@vickysteeves was and is centralized repository, even before the take-over by Microsoft, people had to recognize it, but they cannot, the online brainwashing machine influences free software developers... so strange that one developer cannot host his code himself... just don't use but #boycot-github

@vickysteeves oh so open source is about to get even more disgustingly white and privileged. Wunderbar.

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