THANK YOU to all who are helping us translate Taguette!! If you're using Taguette on a server (e.g. ) you can now choose from current languages in account settings 🌍

Italian and Japanese are ongoing! Contribute your language via if you have the time/inclination!

@vickysteeves Before I put a bit of personal information on another website and agree to more T&C, is there a way to see which strings need to be translated to Spanish? I want to see if I could be qualified.

@JordiGH @vickysteeves The strings are in those files, in GNU Gettext format:

If you're comfortable working with PO files and you'd rather send your translations another way (Gitlab/GitHub/email) that works too!



In Taguette there is text with a yellow highlight. Backlight is a feature that makes text with no highlight grey to make the text with a yellow highlight pop out more

@vickysteeves @remram44 Here yo go. This is he first time I do this and I'm pretty sure I made some choices that professionals wouldn't do, but I guess amateur translation is better than nothing.

I also used at least one term that I know is used in Mexico but not in Spain ("archivo" for file; Spain uses "fichero") so if you get enough translators, you might want to distinguish es_MX and es_ES:

@JordiGH @remram44

thank you so much!! Your work is super appreciated <3 We'll look this over asap.

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