Our slides are posted for anyone interested in seeing what we have to say about qualitative research:

@vickysteeves Would you say that TAMS ( is abandonware, or is there another reason not to include it?

@jboy Considering the last update was 2012, I'd call it abandoned now yeah (on the slide about past projects, the years in parens were the last updated)

@vickysteeves If you scroll all the way down in the changelog, it appears the latest release was dated 9/5/2017. But I haven't kept up with the project, so I'm not sure how it's holding up. But until today, it's where I pointed people seeking #floss alternatives for QDA.

@vickysteeves btw, I love that there's a #csvconf and that you had such an awesome day of talks!

@jboy interesting and good to know! I will look again at it.

And yes! this is csv,conf,v4. It's my first time here and it's a great conference. Highly recc.

@vickysteeves I might reach out to the developer and see if he'd like some help with marketing so as to ward off the aura of abandonment...

@K_REY_C yes! there's a live stream and I presume that recording will be made available afterwards:

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