hey all -- The Center for Open Science is seeking graduate students, post docs, researchers and academic faculty to participate in survey to investigate the factors that affect the perceived credibility and use of preprints.

It's 20min & you don't need to have posted a preprint in the past to take it:

It's passed IRB also -- IRB Protocol Number: 2192.

Thanks & feel free to pass this on to interested parties!

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@vickysteeves researchers like non-affiliated, independent researchers and scholars? asking for me

@band As a climate scientist I have to admit that that is not the case. Political operative have destroyed that term and you will have to do some work to build up your own credible reputation. @vickysteeves

@VictorVenema @vickysteeves Hmmm. I am not sure what post (or thread) you are replying to. But I do accept my responsibility for my own standing and reputation in any domains in which I participate.

@band The question whether scientists like independent researchers. With affiliated researchers the risk of reading complete nonsense is smaller, but you can build up a reputation so that that box is no longer important for those who know you. Technically am also independent researcher at the moment; my project/funding just ran out.

@VictorVenema thank you for the clarification. I get it. I was a journal editor for awhile and received any number of curious papers.

@band they don't ask for institutional affiliation so I'd say go for it regardless of current affiliations

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