Anyone here get Zotero to sync to a self-hosted @nextcloud ? I am having a *lot* of trouble trying to get this to work...

@vickysteeves that sounds like an interesting setup. Does it use webdav? How are you liking nextcloud?


I talked through the setup that @remram44 elucidated for me:

I love nextcloud though! I am self-hosting it from a rented OVH server. The setup is pretty simple and I love having the sync across all my devices, hosted by me :)

@vickysteeves @remram44 ah yes that looks like webdav - does it fail in an interesting way?


yeah it just took a long time to figure out the right link for the webdav (and thanks to Remi for figuring that out)...

@vickysteeves @nextcloud I think @mprv might have done this—or might just have worked out how to self-hosted the papers, with the Zotero records kept on the Zotero servers?

@foureyedsoul @nextcloud @mprv

@remram44 showed me how to do it --

1) Create a folder in Nextcloud, create a sharing link to allow edits and uploads. You can set a password if you want.

2) Grab the part of the link after /s/ -- when you go to edit the zotero preferences, it's the user name. The password is what you set on the folder

3) Zotero will create another "zotero" folder under your shared folder (unavoidable)

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