In case people missed it, the whole University of California system (public unis in California) cancelled their subscriptions and deals with Elsevier 🎇 the split is over open access, lock-in, and exorbitant pricing

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"Elsevier wanted to keep meeting with us, and we have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Friday), but yesterday they approached our faculty directly — faculty who are editors of Elsevier journals, who they have working relationships with — and also the media, and presented a rosy view of the offer they’d made to us. Their characterization of the offer left things out, and they didn’t mention what we’d proposed as conditions. They went public with it. So, we announced the end."

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God they really are the absolute worst. Pull this shit and then argue they are negotiating in good faith?

Fuhhhhhh outta here (just like UC did!)

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"From the very beginning, we had two goals: a reduction in costs — we pay about $11 million a year to Elsevier in subscription fees, which is 25 percent of UC system-wide journal costs — and default open access publication for UC authors: that is, that Elsevier would publish an author’s work open access unless the author didn’t want to. This is consistent with the UC faculty senate’s goal of all work being published open access."

great to see academic senate supported ending the negot. too!

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@vickysteeves Bravo, UC! You are leading the way and more will join you. 👍

@vickysteeves so die the German Aerospace Center. On the one hand that's a big step towards open science. On the other hand it holds you back as you cannot read the respective papers anymore.

@mawe @vickysteeves afaik you can often get journals just by asking the authors to send you a copy. For everything else, theres sci-hub.

@nutomic @mawe

there's also a lot of open repositories where people deposit copies of their works for others to freely read

6 major universities have cancelled deals with Elsevier in 2019 alone -- tracker here:

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