US friends, are you renting a server or did you buy your own and run it at home?

If renting, where/which company are you renting from?

@vickysteeves not US, but if you're hosting Mastodon you can save a lot of hassle with @mastohost (which I'm running this server off right now!)

For general purpose servers I've had positive experiences running Digital Ocean droplets.

@bobstechsite @vickysteeves
I second the good experience with Digital Ocean. I have a couple servers for my FOSS cloud (nextcloud/gitea) and I've never had a problem, it's been several months.

@trevdev @bobstechsite

that's really helpful to know, because I definitely want a company I can trust and I generally really like Digital Ocean

@vickysteeves @bobstechsite
My favorite feature: Docker-CE Ubuntu one-click install. Literally launch, shell in, git clone, build and docker-stack deploy

@trevdev @vickysteeves @bobstechsite I've also had good experiences with Digital Ocean. I run my own sites on an RPi, though.

@bobstechsite I should really start thinking about creating a North America cloud. All going well, next year I will work on that.


@ted dedicated server for various projects/things I'd like to self-host -- nextcloud, various mailing lists, etc.

@vickysteeves for me, I realized I'm a pretty bad sysadmin. So I've paid folks to provide the various services. Then for the custom stuff I've just used a small cloud server here and there.

For Nextcloud specifically I'm using:
For Mail I'm using: (not sure if they do lists)
For my website I'm using Gitlab.

@ted @vickysteeves this is basically me, too.

I have a VPS for my IRC bouncer and for my minimal/mostly dead pelican static site/blog.

Gandi as well for personal email (and DNS).

I do have a "big data" VPS ($10/mo for 1TB) for remote offsite backups that I "manage" (aka: run apt upgrade when I remember.... like right now).

@Greg @vickysteeves I'm backing up to Nextcloud. I set up a second account just for backups and I push them there.

For IRC I moved everything over to IRCCloud which does Slack as well:

@ted I also recently switched my IRC client, from irssi to weechat :P

yes, I'm "that guy" :/

@vickysteeves Not US but North America: I rent both VPSes from OVH as well as dedicated servers from their discount branch Kimsufi, hosted in Canada on the East Coast (Montréal).

@vickysteeves I never had any problems with them — this can be a good sign, but this also means I never really had to test their customer support, for example...

@vickysteeves The CPUs are mostly older (and thus a bit slower) models because AFAIK they are left-over servers from OVHs more expensive lines. But their network is great IMHO and they have a lot of experience with DDoS protection if you need that. Oh, and I would get a model with an SSD as real disks are slow (but that’s true for all servers...).

@vickysteeves We had a marginal experience with Digital Ocean and now we use Linode.

@stevefoerster what happened with Digital Ocean, if you don't mind me asking?

@vickysteeves We weren't able to restore from backups and snapshots. It was very frustrating.

@vickysteeves I use Vultr for my hosted stuff. I wrote a script that supports both Vultr and Digital Ocean if I need to migrate for whatever reason:

I do have a small $80 HP server at home, but that's just a file server. I don't host anything from residential Internet (I have fiber so I probably could, but I don't have a static IP or business account).

@djsumdog @vickysteeves I ran a mail server for a number of years with a ddns script and a dns service. It had two accounts, me and a throw away. It was quite a learning experience.

@vickysteeves I rent a couple Digital Ocean droplets (one for, one for testing/teaching myself server things or for workshops or what have you)

@vickysteeves Not US and not your friend, but I've been using Kimsufi for 5 years. Good if you need space (RAM+disk) rather than speed (CPU+io). Digital Ocean is good but tiny SSDs 😧
Google Cloud will get you 1 VM for free which is good to experiment

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