Hey !! Send me your fave New Orleans activities/spots :ablobreach:


Eat at coops
Drink at the goth bar up the street
Buy a bottle of rum
Hire a second line
Now you’re a parade

@Eweish @vickysteeves Coop's and Aunt Tiki's are both on lower Decatur street, and while you're there you could hit up Sidney's for the liquor. Say hi to Scott if you see a clerk with braids in his beard, tell him Go Cubbies.

And in the morning, if you want a nice easy breakfast, get a bagel or something from Small Mart. Take it over to a bench by the river and watch the ships for a while. All the other tourist food is heavy and you'll appreciate the break.

@vickysteeves hi I live in new orleans what sort if things would you like to find here?

@vickysteeves How long are you here for?

If it's just for a short bit:
- Cafe du Monde for beignets and café au lait. Yes it's a tourist trap but they've got it down to a fine science and beignets are worth it.
- The Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone
- Frenchman street, most nights there's a brass band playing on the corner across from the gay bookstore. Tip them.
- If a stranger starts talking about your shoes, it's a hustle. Keep walking.

@burgin we're here 4 days.

These are excellent & totally on our to-do list! And good to know because 3 people asked my partner about his shoes already....

@vickysteeves Oh! And! Check out Revel, a craft cocktail bar in Mid-City owned by Chris McMillian, probably one of the best known bartenders in the world. But his joint is a low-key, neighborhood bar with good food, no dress code and bartenders who know the history of the mint julep like the back of their hand. It's usually been pretty quiet when I've been there. A little off the beaten tourist track but it's right by the Canal streetcar line. Check it out for happy hour.

Any day of the year is worth hitting Bourbon Street.

I went on a Wednesday in November and it was a blast.

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