Hey, qualitative researchers! Try out the first release of this *FREE* and *OPEN SOURCE* qualitative research tool, Taguette!

This is the first ever release of Taguette and dev is ongoing. You can read more: taguette.fr/ & look at the roadmap: gitlab.com/remram44/taguette/i

Installers for macOS and Windows are here: taguette.fr/install.html and so are installation instructions for folks on Linux!

Will definitely have a look. I've been working with the R-library RQDA. It's free as in freedom and does the job, but the interface is terrible and depends on a lot of outdated libraries. A usable alternative would be great!


@hirnbloggade awesome to hear! I could never get that R library to install correctly, so I ended up having to use a university license of NVivo. There's a big gap in the current landscape!

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