Hey, qualitative researchers! Try out the first release of this *FREE* and *OPEN SOURCE* qualitative research tool, Taguette!

This is the first ever release of Taguette and dev is ongoing. You can read more: & look at the roadmap:

Installers for macOS and Windows are here: and so are installation instructions for folks on Linux!

@vickysteeves I'm not 100% what it does; some screenshots would be nice, I guess

@vickysteeves Great that you're working on this! I have tried to find good solutions before and just couldn't. Our university has a deal for Atlas.ti, which is both expensive and awful.

This is EXACTLY why we made Taguette. The options are too expensive or don't work.

This is just the very first version which lots of features to be added, but we hope Taguette will fill that massive gap we've seen in research tools!

Will definitely have a look. I've been working with the R-library RQDA. It's free as in freedom and does the job, but the interface is terrible and depends on a lot of outdated libraries. A usable alternative would be great!

@hirnbloggade awesome to hear! I could never get that R library to install correctly, so I ended up having to use a university license of NVivo. There's a big gap in the current landscape!

@vickysteeves Is this like Mendely? Also, I tried to make a distro for research but it never really caught on:

@TheOuterLinux Nope! Nothing like Mendely. This is for qualitatively coding documents. These are the similar programs, according to the editors of this page (though some are really quant tools that use text):

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