GitLab open sourced push mirroring and added it core. This is a great win for !!! You can now run your own canonical GitLab instance & easily mirror to GitHub for findability.

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Another reason why GitLab is #1

@vickysteeves This sounds interesting. Because it *does* sound like there are reasons to try to balance between GitLab and GitHub, but ideally people should be able to run their own canonical instance, (ie. official version of their source) in a manner which "ensures" control, but also be able to use GitHub, and GitLab tools.

@vickysteeves We installed #Gogs as a test. It's a full featured free self hosted #git #server written in #go. It supports mirroring as well.
IMHO more people should take a look at Gogs as well.

@schaeferpp @vickysteeves Gogs and Gitea are both way more awesome than Gitlab IME. Gitlab replicates the functionality of Github, but if you don't need all of it, Gogs/Gitea is much lighter.

@stevelord @schaeferpp

GitLab's functionality has exceeded GitHub's by miles. When was the last time you looked at it?

That said, cool, a light version! I'll give it a look.

@vickysteeves I'm eagerly awaiting the day I can ignore github and remote-follow repos on other gitlab instances and integrate them into my my own instance.

@lk012 no but you are one of many to suggest I check it out!

I have to say, I am kinda obsessed with GitLab. Gitea is a lighter version basically, right?

@vickysteeves Yes and gitea is also very easy to install. I installed it within a few minutes on my raspberry pi. It runs perfectly.

@vickysteeves Never understood why this wasn't open source. Great that we can finally use that!

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