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I just gave a talk at about -- my Sloan funded project looking at archiving source code + its contextual ephemera (e.g. issue threads). The talk slides are here for any interested parties:

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I should probably do a proper masto

I'm Vicky. I'm a librarian focusing on research reproducibility + research data management.
I gave an interview about me/my work recently:

I love FOSS, open access, open educational resources, open EVERYTHING

I hate the corporate capture of scholarship

I co-founded an open source, open access repo for LIS scholarship:

I also love my super cute black cat Little Boss & my partner @remram44

Scholar Social is hosting a free online conference, #SummerSchool !

And we're looking for presenters!

If you're a writer, researcher, formal academic, or anyone with expertise that you'd like to share, presentation spots are 10-15 min long (no formal credentials required, open to people on any Fedi instance, not just

Sign up by 2020 July 12 here:

long post, help needed 

Ok y'all I need some help problem solving:

* My pinephone is waiting for me at my place in NYC
* I'm 4 hours away at my parents place for the foreseeable future (at least until August, I mean most likely -- the cat loves the stairs)

What are my options for making it as easy as possible for someone else to put my package into another package? USPS does pickup regularly from my place so I'd really just someone to like, get a box, print a label, and leave it for pickup, right?

Is there a way to get an empty box w/. a label shipped to my house for a friend to take care of it from there?

If you can't take me at my Lwaxana Troi, you don't deserve me at my Lieutenant Stamets

can't wait for the pine folks to make a desktop tower tbh

Microsoft steals name of Linux Desktop project (MauiKit and the Maui distribution) for their project that does the same thing and then blames Linux community for using that name to begin with (which is obvious trademark infringement as they've both had those names for years now). Abusing power over GitHub to then delete any issues on their project related to the name collision and deny they are at fault for ignoring the first search result that comes up for the name Maui.

You can tell they are trying to embrace, extend, and extinguish. But with blunders like this and the way their megacorp stooge bosses like to handle it they won't be extending anything.

If I'm ever hiring someone by reviewing their Github profile, I'm going to look through comments that they leave on other projects first.

It tells you a lot more about the person than the code that they list tells you about their skill level.

ActivityPub Conference CFP deadline is TODAY! Get in your proposals folks! We want to hear YOU talk!

your friendly reminder that a group of crows making plans to meet is technically murderous intent

why the fuck is "the maya mysteriously disappeared" like a thing you hear online in those pseudo science mystery channels??? like, we know where the Maya are, they're in Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize. there's like 6 million people who speak Mayan languages with a clear cultural continuity from like 900ad to modern day through the colonial period. they're right there, you can go talk to them, I'm sure some of them are lovely people

hey, folks who have set up research labs -- do you have a guide that helped you do it? like a "plan" to establish it, or an "ask"/outline?

hi fediverse!

back in January, 100000 years ago, I got a chance to talk with @darius about running; why hometown, his fork of mastodon, is currently needed to create safer spaces; human-scaled social media; and trust networks and technology, for an interview in @logic.

we just recently released that conversation for free online. check it out!

me today: why read the bad thing when I can read good things instead?

the Tolkien hallucinatory effect 

in the end Tolkien succeeded too well at hiding his true passions (philology, phonetics, lexicology, old real-world manuscripts) in the commercial books at the bequest of publishers. had he been more upfront, he probably would end up as a little-known language artist in the tradition of William Morris, his greatest inspiration.

#tolkien #conlang

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the Tolkien hallucinatory effect 

This creates something I call the Tolkien hallucinatory effect, where many readers seem to leave th books with the impression that Tolkien is an exceptionally descriptive writer, when in the actual text he's about the least descriptive fantasy writer I've ever seen. He's in fact a master of the lost art of "tell don't show" fiction, leaving the physical details for the imagination. We never find out even what ppl wear in the Middle Earth.

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Tolkien musings 

Tolkien was always linguist first, fiction writer third. he didn’t put 10% as much effort in plot or characterisation as he put in language history, English hacking, phonaesthetics.

it's a curious thing that most of the fandom isn't interested in Tolkien's life work at all. I mean it's not curious that few ppl are fascinated by grammar tables and etymological lists; what's curious is that the support objects he made merely to flesh out the languages attracted so much interest.

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