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I should probably do a proper masto

I'm Vicky. I'm a librarian focusing on research reproducibility + research data management.
I gave an interview about me/my work recently:

I love FOSS, open access, open educational resources, open EVERYTHING

I hate the corporate capture of scholarship

I co-founded an open source, open access repo for LIS scholarship:

I also love my super cute black cat Little Boss & my partner @remram44

250 of us have been laid off from Mozilla this morning.

If you have openings or can offer assistance, please use the #MozillaLifeboat tag!

Grumble about website 

Websites: [ Drop file here to upload ]

Browsers: I see you just dropped a file on this browser window; allow me to navigate to the local path of that file for you and not allow the website to do the thing you expected

anyway send me your fave e-ink gadgets that aren't the reMarkable tablet (I have the 1st one and pre-ordered 2nd)

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maybe my strangest wish: I wish most of the displays/tools I have to use were made with e-ink.

Microsoft's need to have their own version of everything is super gross.

I beat the entire game of "slay the spire" today for the first time!! with the ironclad!! omg!!

PSA: The VSCode Marketplace ( is proprietary. If you develop a VSCode extension please release it on OpenVSX (

why are they called ecosocialists and not leaftists

free software politics 

I guess I'm still thinking about this so I'll talk about it: significant free software projects that could (and did, and do!) actively improve people's lives are routinely shut down by large corporations and while there are genuine problems with the priorities and attitudes of the free software community it's really disingenuous to blame those failures on those issues

Just open-sourced the guest comments API for my static site -

Have fun poking and discovering security holes (and please do open an issue) if you're good at that kind of stuff. 😉

Selfie, science, CERN, COVID19 

Snuck into the ATLAS experiment’s cavern around 100 metres underground, on my first day back at #CERN since March.

If you are interested, join my #SummerSchool talk tomorrow evening, where I will tell you all about the #LargeHadronCollider and the #HiggsBoson.

Send me a DM to get the video-conference info for tomorrow.

my library (where I work) doesn't have ebook reading support for linux and it continues to bum me out

This week on @fossandcrafts, @cwebber and I look at the ways people enjoy their hobbies (games/FOSS/crafts) using the framework of the "Eight Kinds of Fun" and MDA!

Is there a concept (like a specific cognitive bias or logical fallacy) that describes the human tendency to see evidence of something highly shocking happening a small number of times, and then to assume that the highly shocking thing must happen often, in spite of evidence to the contrary?

A mundane example is someone hearing about a person being hit by lightning and then hyperfixating on the possibility that it might happen to them. Less mundane: the "stranger danger" panic of the 80s & 90s.


Looking for electronic access/a PDF of the introduction to Erika Lee's "America for Americans: A History of Xenophobia in the United States" (2019).

Would like to read the introduction first before I decide if I need to get the full copy (but if someone has the full copy I won't say no)

panel abstract, long text 

Web archiving has contributed immensely to the digital preservation landscape, allowing for a wider range of materials to be saved for greater reuse. A remaining and bustling area of work in web archiving includes capturing dynamic and complex content hosted on the web with high fidelity. This type of preservation activity not only has major technical barriers, but also social and legal ones too. This panel will bring together practitioners from computer, library, and information sciences to discuss how web archiving has been applied to save complex digital objects, such as eBooks, source code and its contextual ephemera, and many more. Panelists will discuss not only the current state of the art in web archiving complex material, but also the interoperability of web archiving technology and how that might help facilitate the reuse of web archives.

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