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Vicky Steeves

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I should probably do a proper masto

I'm Vicky. I'm a librarian focusing on research reproducibility + research data management.
I gave an interview about me/my work recently:

I love FOSS, open access, open educational resources, open EVERYTHING

I hate the corporate capture of scholarship

I co-founded an open source, open access repo for LIS scholarship:

I also love my super cute black cat Little Boss & my partner @remram44

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Utah is beautiful but has some of the most backassward laws I've ever seen

I'm emotionally exhausted from all this small talk

based on my calculations:
┃ U R CUTE ┃
7 ┃ 8┃ 9┃ /┃
━┛━┛━. |━ β”›
4 ┃5 ┃6 ┃ + ┃
1 ┃ 2 ┃ 3 ┃ = ┃

I haven't been on masto for a while, because I'm teaching a short course in Utah on research reproducibility.

Materials if anyone is interested:

Some observations about Utah:
- it NEVER gets dark here!! sundown is like 10pm
- everyone is unreasonably nice
- there is no one in SLC after 8pm
- the elevation is so sneaky! I gain/lose 800 feet just going to the building where I'm teaching from the hotel.

Headed to Salt Lake City for the first time! Send me any of your fave spots there (and tips for a winter girl dealing with the heat).

Toooo many thoughts to go to bed on time tonight/last night....

RT American badgers look like they're about to drag you into a back alley and pull a shiv on you to demand money for their meth habit.

European badgers look like they're about to invite you over for a cup of tea and some custard creams at their little cottage in the countryside.

I got a very lovely birthday treat from @remram44 for my birthday today! :blobpats: :blobmiou:

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My boss showed me - a translation website that has really good results. So far, the translations by DeepL are not at all awkward like these from google translate are sometimes.

it's officially my birthday (edt) πŸŽ‚ πŸŽ‚ πŸŽ‚

what is your favourite tool for managing timing and people across a project, for a large collaborative project?

libraries are such an important space

not only for free information, but especially for at risk populations and homeless populations

they offer free or very cheap internet access (which allows for finding resoucres, job applications, etc), free access to information, bathrooms, often places have refreshments for relatively cheap as well, etc. etc.

wanting to make public libraries obsolete is classist and just an incorrect viewpoint tbh