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thank you back to everyone wishing Remi and I well after our marriage!! There are so many of you and we are so touched :blobcatlove:

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HELLO! I used to be Vicky Steeves, then @remram44 and I got married, so now I'm Vicky Rampin, so I'm doing another

I'm a librarian focusing on research reproducibility + research data management.
I gave an interview about me/my work:

I love FOSS, open access, open educational resources, open EVERYTHING

I hate the corporate capture of scholarship

I also love my super cute black cat Little Boss

this might be the most American thing I've ever tooted but...

I really wish my desk had cup holders because I ALWAYS have like min 2 and max 5 drinks going at once and I have no space left for them

Adding benches so people can sit is also a disability issue. Having freely available public restrooms is also a disability issue. Having clean water fountains is a disability issue. All of these things would also make cities more walkable and they would make them more friendly to people who are living on the street.

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I hate when there's talk of making a city less car-centric and somebody chimes in with "Well what about disabled people!? They need cars!" as a gotcha, like there aren't a fuckton of disabled people who need more buses, curb cuts, and crosswalks to navigate the city, or longer lights to cross, or sound and tactile cues to let them know where they are. There are many kinds of conditions with different kinds of needs, and being driven around everywhere addresses only a certain subset of this, not to mention the class issue of who can afford a car or who has access to someone who can drive them.

asked a faculty member to collaborate on a grant and just got back just this message:


😂 that's a win for today!

I feel like if I had Taguette on my reMarkable, I would be unstoppable

Our first @fossandcrafts Hack and Craft event is in ~2 hours (15:00 UTC)!

Let's make things together!

See our website for the Big Blue Button link and more info:

it's really nice out

I don't have a laptop

really need to do work I can only do on computer


Pray tell: what's the best way to keep packages and home directory (or at least well-defined local environments) in sync between many computers?

I could hack it with git and some scripts, but I'm guessing there's a better way?

I have to provide so many fucking bios lately and it's super annoying! I hate talking about myself!!

Since I now have a PhD-in-hand, I'm on the job market!

Skills: Art history & archaeology, digital humanities experience! Teaching! Intro-to-programming workshops! Programming in python, Racket, HTML, CSS! Open Access, FOSS connections, community management!

You can hire me!

I am tooting this on one tab, and can use the dedicated play/pause button to play and pause a YouTube video in another tab


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I wrecked my keyboard by accident, and my dad is lending me his keyboard and the setup is kinda hilarious.

It's a logitech set that includes a speaker with USB cable you plug into your computer, and a wireless keyboard + wireless mouse that go through the speaker for connection to the computer. The keyboard has all these built-in audio control keys (mute, volume up/down, next/previous track). I'm pretty sure he got this in like, early 2000s, and it plugged-and-played on my Kubuntu 20.04 desktop

Let's make things together!

@cwebber and I are starting a companion series to @fossandcrafts! These Hack and Craft events will be monthly virtual sessions where we can sit around, socialize, & craft!

The first one is Sat, June 19 2021

Thanks to @foureyedsoul for sharing this response to the "we should remove the MLS degree to make librarianship more diverse" conversation:

by David James Hudson, Yoonhee Lee, Ebony Magnus, & Baharak Yousefi

It takes a different approach than some others I’ve seen and I definitely recommend reading. And like many things I would say it’s less a pipeline issue than how people are treated when they try to enter the workforce.

I'm frustrated by folks in the U.S. community college system who emphasize that students need to learn 'time management.' A ton of our students must juggle full-time work, family care, & other tasks. They quite simply don't have time. Let's not force students to somehow magically create a 25th hour in the day. Let's figure out as colleges how to deal with students who have no time.

do you all keep a diary/journal? if so, is it unstructured or structured?

I've been using Zotero for years. It has all these tools that I rarely use: notes, tags, related etc.

Does anyone have good resources (or just personal suggestions) on how to get more out of Zotero?

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