scanning zines 

March 1995 issue of _The 'Grapher_, the newsletter of Pictorius, the makers of ProGraph CPX visual programming language.

Yes, I used to subscribe.

complaining about typography 


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typographic grammar 

I had some time to scan some oversized (folio) magazines this evening, and was startled when the thumbnail of this page showed up. It's from an 1891 issue of _The American Machinist_.

Seeing the visual pattern, I realized each ¶ is an individual telegraphic announcement, set by hand (in 1891) on a composing stick. Then somebody laid it all out by this interesting visual heuristic: shorter entries first.

Steven Universe 

Nothing but respect for my president:

plane geometry term request 

And here's just the points of interest.

My goal is to then define the recursive set of points reachable by circles/lines through those, and so on, keeping the stepwise increments separate.

It's starting to feel like there's no special technical name for these, isn't it?

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plane geometry term request 

So I drew some in GeoGebra. This is three points (A, B, C) and the other points I've indicated (in not-blue) are the set I'm interested in. They're the points not already in {A,B,C} that are constructible by any pair of lines or circles based on {A,B,C} intersecting.

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Going through my Dad's papers, stumbled across his office copy of NACA Technical Report #4212:

Things you pick up at the Friends of the Library 

old books

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