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Man, this. I mean, the thread is good and thoughtful, and that's good, but i am now utterly hung up on "there is no gotcha-ism" because I think that right there is the biggest blocker to most human interactions that I see break down, and it is a hell of a thing to fix. twitter.com/CT_Bergstrom/statu

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Are you being asked to participate in the economy?

Read this as soon as you can. Especially if you're on the clock.


Be Like Water:

• knock people on their ass when they're not paying attention
• break computers by touching them
• support all types of fish

Capitalist drive for efficiency leaves no room for stress margins in the economy. It's akin to building a car without a suspension and just hoping that it never hits a bump on the road.

A plea for help.

We need your surgical masks. We need your N95 masks. Your hospital is likely rationing them today. If you have some to donate (or even sell) locally in Southeast Michigan please reach out, I'm begging you. I can help get them where they're needed.

If you have masks and you're not local, find the nearest hospital and take them to the administration area.

Thinking about that time the Aphex Twin time-traveled to 17th-century Leiden and got nasty in a genre painting about a dissolute household

Remember, folks: Oracle is a horrible company:

(birdsite link)

"In a corporate blog yesterday, Oracle attacked 83 computer scientists (including 13 Turing Award winners) who signed an amicus brief defending our right to reimplement APIs, on the grounds that some of us accepted research grants from Google."


whatchamacallit levels are 35% and steady

(35%) ■■■□□□□□□□

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