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me just now: “I bet a lot of these kids weren’t even born when flash mobs were a thing.”

Today I learned that "SD Godzilla" means "Super-deformed Godzilla" and that it's a huge genre of miniature toy thingies

lordy, we have a lot of _Star Wars_ music in our iTunes library :/

RT Final Approach to #Bennu - NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft’s view of Bennu during the final phase of its journey to the asteroid. #WelcomeToBennu! Credit: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona.


RT All this ahistorical hand-wringing over George H.W. Bush’s legacy has me thinking about the end of Gayle Danley’s poem “Funeral Like Nixon’s”:

"Let me break this down for you:
you see / I just want to die like a white man // blameless / timeless / ageless."


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GitHub - LingDong-/rrpl: Describing Chinese Characters with Recursive Radical Packing Language (RRPL)

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Good read on the history of the GM plant in Hamtramck: I'm "new" to MI (only been here a decade) so most of this history is news to me.

My friend Rick died not long ago. This is a lovely thing the Center for the Study of Complex Systems is doing:

If you're Cybering this Monday, please feel free to browse the personal belongings and stuff we inherited I'm selling on eBay. Will make arrangements for international shipping as needed.

Also: all fixed price listings are buy-one-get-one-free.

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