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I wrote a thing mainly to play with MathJax typesetting and bad group theory I don't really understand.

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I just opened MacOS for the first time in a few months.

There are at least four copies of every person in it.

Including a bunch of dead people I know I deleted years ago.

@csalzman I'll admit to being biased against WeWork for personal and business reasons, but yeah, sickening.

And not completely surprising, given that WeWork is a product of VC culture, which is, with rare exceptions, very sexist and techbro-ish.

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@enkiv2 @Azure Athanasius Kircher devised a mechanical computer to compose hymns in the mid 17th century.

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macOS Mojave discoveries Show more

HUZZAH the blasted widget window is gone. Finally.

Went and upgraded to Mojave; seems fine, but now there's 11 Gb to back up over WiFi…

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