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“Bless the Maker and His water.
Bless the coming and going of Him.
May His passage cleanse the world.
May He keep the world for His people. ”

I added some worked-out examples to my second piece on continued fractions

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Well it's time to leave #OneDollarPatreon behind.

KoFi, LiberaPay and others have surfaced as proper alternatives.

#TipYourFriends will be the new drum I bang.

Please spread the word. I need friends to tip 😉

A new puzzle that came to me in just about the same way as it did to the Salesman…

"A fucking robot could do it," is probably a clue.

"Oh lord it's NIPS isn't it?"

Me, glancing at my Twitter feed.

Buit I'd be happy to be shown wrong.

I have the feeling anaconda folks say "it's the only package manager you need" as a way of not quite saying "it can't be used with other package managers at all"…

I find myself wondering whether it's "safe" (in the sense of "less yakky than last time) to install anaconda on my laptop, which has been working just fine under `homebrew` management.

Last time I tried installing Jupyter or anything else "handled" by anaconda, it bolluxed up all my paths and filled `/usr/local` with unmanaged crap.

I'm hoping at least a dedicated core of Twitter followers are able and willing to give a mastodon instance (somewhere) a try.

Today I learned that at least sometimes, large numbers in Mexican manuscripts are written with alternating commas and apostrophes in the thousands place markers.

"Live in concert: DIAËRESIS!"

Well, I'm here.

I find myself wanting to see a feed of "first toots".