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Sometimes when I send off a book I've sold on eBay, say for example a 1970s "Sugar and Fat Lover's Diet" (substances changed to protect the innocent) I worry that the buyer is expecting it to be some kind of Ancient Knowledge that has Since Been Suppressed.

Wishing somebody would write "Type Systems for People Who Probably Shouldn't Spend Much Time Learning About Them But Want to Understand Some of that Enigmatic Gibberish"

Would order it from the library.

Is there a particular reason why green cabbage prices have been doubling every few weeks in the last year or so? A fad diet? A shortage?

Following my wife around target while staring at mastodon. Walking into a pregnant mannequin and muttering “mazel tov”

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Wanted to share my favourite variant of the joke I keep seeing boosted, borrowed from @signalstation I'm pretty sure:

A widow delivers a beautiful, moving eulogy at her husband's funeral. As she finishes, she asks, "Would anyone else like to say a word?"

A man among the mourners stands up. "Plethora," he says solemnly. He sits back down.

"Thank you," she says, fighting back tears. "That means a lot."

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💥🧨💣🚨🥴😵 If you have iOS devices or Macs, turn FaceTime off until they fix this grave security issue: twitter.com/waxpancake/status/ (tl;dr anyone can listen to your microphone without you picking up the call)

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