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I am enjoying Ada Palmer's _Terra Ignota_ series a lot. Sadly the last book isn't published yet.

It's dense, and you can't really get very far skimming I'm afraid. I tried once before and fell off.

"How do you do that?" the alien asked.
"Do what?"
"You know multiple languages."
"I think most people- sorry, most humans do."
"And you think in different languages, too?"
"Only a couple, the others I still have to translate."
"But which thinking is you?"
"I'm all me."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

A reminder to all creative people:

If the RIAA's recent actions have reminded us of anything, it's that you cannot guarantee you have a copy of any of your work unless you have backups of it on your own system.

The 'cloud' is someone else's computer, and there is ample evidence that the someone else who owns that computer does not care at all about the hours of passion you've poured into things you make.

Act accordingly.

Tom Lehrer has released his songs and lyrics into the public domain.

What a nice thing to do.

You know you’ve made it as a computer when someone in 2020 uses clipart of you when you’re 35 years old to represent “a computer”. #amiga

It’s raining. There is thunder. So he’s in his usual place under my desk and tightly pressed against my legs.


"Trump directed the CIA to share intelligence information on counterterrorism with the Kremlin despite no discernible reward"

well that merits a 🤔 or three

Dropbox really is the epitome of "we can't just be happy doing our core competencies" aren't they?

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