I cracked open my and OMG volcanic CO2, again. Drat!

I think I'll have to break a rule and burp the bottle as it ferments, because the pour was literally all head.

Not a bad flavor though. Light, but with a backdoor bite. This is the first pour that actually tasted like a traditional beer.

So I'm researching the clickbait phenomenon and I see a journalist who wrote respectable pieces in e.g. Dallas Morning News, but now edits a screaming-bloody-murder webzine that puts out "Ghetto Michelle Obama" bilge. Makes me sad.



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nice 👍

[caption: 2 photos depicting two toots. in one, the spoiler text "IT'S BEEN" and "you wouldn't believe your eyes" is shown. in the second reveals the content text: "ten million fireflies" and "IT'S BEEN"]

How to Find a Radical

Search on Google using this WordPress-capturing pattern:


(don't forget the quote marks!)

where {topic} is a category word like "dogs" or "politics", and {howradical} is a number from 1 to about 300, gauging enthusiasm towards the topic (50 seems enough IMO).



It tends to find out-of-mainstream sites with, uh, let's say... "exuberant" content.

Doctor Who choice 👍
Preacher developments 👍
Killjoys 😕
Madoka Magicka 🤔
This Luc Besson thingie? 🤘

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I need some help. I pulled an upright Seven of swords but the reverse message applied to my situation more. Do I go with it or do I listen to the uprights message.

I'm writing short stories again for some reason. Felt like such a time suck when I did it before. But in a malaise, I opened some of my old stories on a CDR, expecting pure embarrassment, but instead liked what I read (mostly).

I can't tell if I was overly critical when I wrote it, or too gracious now. But the bug's caught me once more, and here I am researching makeup ad jargon for another character's patter...

But, I see things finally warming up to the FreeNet approach in general, working out the kinks and the usability of it, and it won't be long until these growing pains go away and we're all taking control of tech for ourselves -- after all, we have radios, hard drives, a massive amount of CPU at the tips of our fingers, but are still wed to the server/client legacy built into the internet. We'll break it... sometime...

So yeah, Scuttlebutt works, kind of, but "off the grid" is not just store it on your hard drive and sneakernet it around like a github repo. You have to support the actual circumstances of "off the grid" which is *limited resources* and non-infinite time near a computer.

Reminds me of all the cryptocurrencies I can’t buy bread with: they aim for the target, hit something else, and call victory...

So I tried Scuttlebutt for a bit. ( scuttlebutt.nz/ ) It's supposed to be an "off grid" distributed social network, and I it does succeed at that -- there's a lot of foragers, gardeners and nomads using it, which is a testament to its focus.

The only part that seems wonky is the amount of resources it requires to function at a minimum. One guy said he got kicked out of a cafe for hogging the internet, and the public library blocks the technology needed by scuttlebutt.

fictionpress.com is still alive! Wish they had a bandcamp kinda thing going on, though. Download an ebook story for a buck or two.

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if i were to look into digital currencies today, where would i start? back in the day (last time i thought about it) there was only bitcoin, and only three or four exchanges i could find. is coinbase the way to go for a n00b?

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Also finally resolved in my own head that mastodon isn't about avoiding politics. CWs aren't about avoiding politics.

Taking care with content is about managing risk to others so that the effort to repair a damaged world doesn't deteriorate into panic, aggression or despair.

CWs seem like a small good step towards respecting that the state of global politics affects us deeply. It's not a sideshow.

Gonna wear my bass and watch some anime, the only proper way to do it.

I'm convinced that if you're used to transcribing music and reading standard notation, Rocksmith will 95% of the time drive you nuckin futs.

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This song always brings me back up; Благодари! -- sunsay


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