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bug tracker for finding new insect friends 🐛

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many kurdish accounts on #twitter get suspended. Twitter is by that supporting fascism in this very crucial situation

You can help with:

- giving more visability to this issue through joining a twitter storm
- presenting an alternative

This would bring a benefit to the kurdish struggle and be on the same supportive for the fediverse

If you'd be into joining a twitterstorm pls boost this post (follow for updates)

Time and # announced if enough interest is there. suggestions welcome

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Mastodon meetup at London Hackspace on Jan 18 - like when we used to meet up with other people just because we were all on Twitter :)

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Remember, you are comparing yourself to everyone else's highlight reel.

You know your struggle, but you don't see theirs.

You are likely as good as them, maybe even better, but awareness of your flaws holds you back.

Be aware of those flaws, but know that they aren't always seen by everyone else.

Someone thinks you're cool... and you don't even know it.

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i think it's probably false but it makes me laugh every time so i don't give a fuck witches.town/media/2f-5nhXFplI

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If you have a mastodon.social account but have moved over to a different server, you can login to your old account and, under edit profile, setup a profile redirect note.

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Great project: A match-making site for academics who are refugees in Germany and academics working in Germany, enabling them to get in contact and start potential collaborations with people working in their field. It's a niche audience but I think great to provide a network outside of academic affiliations, esp. when you loose those affiliations. Is it elitist to restrict it to academics? Creator speaks about potentially expanding it. I think that would def be worthwhile.

"Apple fixes HomeKit bug that allowed remote unlocking of users' doors" - Is this Apple getting into communism? First the root thing in high sierra and now sharing your home! Great idea, especially with the winter approaching. And then the thing about not being able to type I on your apple phone - there's no I in communism! ☭ theguardian.com/technology/201

Pro-Tip: If you want to drive a react dev crazy, just put an empty file named react.js in a folder called __mocks__ and every test in that folder or its subfolders that uses the DOM will fail with the error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'ReactCurrentOwner' of undefined". Hours of fun!

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I recently switched from Google to DuckDuckGo after a search for "how to cut steel pipe" returned:

DDG: the first four links at least answered my question perfectly

Google: a random mid-sentence clip of a YouTube video of a disembodied torso and hands using £500 equipment for a job that needs a £5 hacksaw, a chart about converting ear spacer gauge sizes and the rest of the page was links to buy pipe

Switch, seriously

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"I know that I can go down the street to the coffee shop every day, and one day the sky will be thick with the smoke of wildfires incinerating a town to the north, and everybody will be wearing surgical masks, and the sun will be red as molten steel in the sky’s furnace, but in a few days the smoke will dissipate and I’ll go back to the coffee shop and joke with the waitress and get my coffee. “It’s a good day to be alive,” she’ll say, and I’ll agree." christyrodgers.wordpress.com/2

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*idly wonders if there are people in the fediverse that talk about sustainable forestry and hobby tree farming of hardwoods*

If you need some birdsong in your life, I am working on a radio station (currently running from my laptop, probably offline by the time you read this ;) ): eternaldawn.hopto.org/

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getting real sick of western video games portraying war as a fun and trivial adventure with bad guys and good guys

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