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Anyone got any Ubuntu or wider Open Source news for this week's Ubuntu Podcast? We're recording tonight (a day early)

The Ubuntu Podcast team, past and present, at our first ever listener get together. Celebrating 12 years of Ubuntu Podcast 🎉🎂🎊 #WimpysWorld

We're having a listener Get Together! 3pm ~ 11pm, 16th March, in Reading, UK. We need to know numbers to secure a venue, so please sign up over at GetTogether and let us know if you can come.

While we're on a break we still hang out in our channel. It's a friendly place to chat about the , or any other . We may also discuss roast potatoes, cats or biscuits. Who will be the 800th person to join, I wonder :)

We've hit on our channel! 🎉
All 11 years of our back catalog are there! Go back and listen to news, chat, interviews, feedback, command line love and quizzes! Thanks for subscribing everyone!

Ok Mystic Meg, get your ball out.
2019 will be the year of..🤔

We often get asked how listeners can support the show financially. While we appreciate the kind offers, we're lucky to not need those donations. We have instead each selected a charity who would certainly benefit if you had some spare change. Thank you. ♥️

Well, that was pretty conclusive! Thanks for voting everyone. We'll plan a pub/restaurant get together for the new year, ahead of the "Will they, won't they?" for season twelve! :D

We're considering a UK Get Together 🤝 with listeners. What type of event would you go to? Here's a non-binding referendum 🗳 to help decide. Other suggestions, leave a comment. ✏️

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